Sony Pictures to Create Multiple Movies and TV Shows From PlayStation Franchises!!

It looks like big things are in the works over at Sony Pictures as the studio’s head announced plans to turn multiple PlayStation franchises into an expansive slate of movies and television shows. Over the past year, we’ve reported on multiple major video game franchises getting the greenlight for movies and television. Most notably, the well-regarded Naughty Dog game The Last of Us will be adapted to a television series over at HBO. Meanwhile, at Netflix, the long-running, bountiful Assassin’s Creed franchise will be getting a live-action television series, too.

So, what exactly does Sony Pictures have in the works? According to the studio’s CEO, Tony Vinciquerra, in a CNBC interview earlier this week, Sony Pictures plans to turn multiple PlayStation franchises into seven TV shows and three movies (via MediaPost). The plan to bring titles on offer from PlayStation to screens big and small is part of the studio’s push to better integrate gaming with movies and television. That integration will happen through One Sony, which is the platform where these movies and TV shows will be released. Vinciquerra did not elaborate on what PlayStation franchises were being considered for movies and/or television or what kind of release dates these movies and TV shows would receive. For now, it seems everything is on the table for consideration as Sony Pictures moves on a new plan.

Currently, the biggest PlayStation-to-Sony Pictures adaptation is Tom Holland‘s upcoming Uncharted feature. Getting Uncharted in the can was a long process, but 2020 marked the year it finally got made. We got our first look at Holland as Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake back in October. Shortly after that first image was released, we learned filming on Uncharted wrapped at the end of October, with Holland moving straight from one franchise set to another as he started work on Spider-Man 3.

We’ll keep you posted on which PlayStation franchises Sony Pictures will be developing for movies and television as we learn more.


via Collider

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