‘After 3’ and ‘After 4’ Wraps Filming, Confirms New Set Video!!

Production on After 3 & 4 has officially come to an end, as confirmed by stars Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin in a new set video. The trend of popular fan fictions becoming major motion pictures continued in 2019 with After, an adaptation of Anna Todd‘s Wattpad story-turned-best-selling novel. Originally written as One Direction fan fiction, After centers on the tumultuous romance between good girl Tessa (Langford) and bad boy Hardin (Fiennes Tiffin). The film was greeted with largely negative reviews, but it was enough of a box office hit to warrant a sequel.

After We Collided was released this past fall and continued Tessa and Hardin’s story in the aftermath of Hardin’s betrayal at the end of the first film. Despite suffering some setbacks as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, After We Collided proved to be another resilient box office success when it came to international territories. Therefore, it was no surprise that the news of After We Collided‘s COVID-related delay came with the news that a third and fourth film were being put into production.

Officially titled After We Fell and After Ever Happy, the next two installments of the romantic franchise have reached their completion. In a set video shared to the official After social media account, Langford and Fiennes Tiffin confirm the next two movies have finished filming. Fiennes Tiffin thanks all involved with making the movies happen (including the fans) before he and Langford share a hug. “We hope you enjoy After 3 and 4,” he says. “And that’s a wrap.” The full video can be seen down below.


With both After We Fell and After Ever Happy being completed, it looks like fans can expect one movie a year for the next two years. Taking into account post-production work, it’s likely After We Fell will be ready to premiere in late 2021, perhaps within the same timeframe as the second film. Then, presumably, After Ever Happy will follow sometime in 2022. This could perhaps be one of the speediest franchises ever, with one movie coming every year since the first one debuted.

Todd‘s series does include a fifth novel, titled Before. It remains to be seen if that will get turned into a movie as well, but it seems unlikely considering it is essentially a retelling of After from Hardin’s perspective. Nevertheless, fans of Tessa and Hardin clearly have a lot to look forward to over the next few years. After 3 & 4 are definitely on the way; in fact, they’re much farther along than fans might have expected. As a result, the next chapter in this love story just might arrive by the end of next year, saving audiences from an extra long wait.


via Screen Rant

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