‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Has Only One Newly Shot Scene!!

How many new scenes will we see in Zack Snyder’s Justice League? Well, that depends on what you consider “new.” Ever since Warner Bros. first announced it was going to allow Zack Snyder to finish his cut of Justice League, fans wondered just how much was on the cutting room floor, and how significant reshoots would be. Snyder left very early in post-production, and Joss Whedon wrote and directed a number of new scenes that reshaped the theatrical cut of the film.

Now producer Deborah Snyder is pulling back the curtain a bit on how The Snyder Cut was created, revealing on the LightCast podcast (via The Playlist) that they only shot one wholly new scene after getting the go-ahead from Warner Bros.:

“People kept thinking, ‘Oh, they went and shot so much more stuff’ and I go, ‘We literally shot one scene, like one additional [scene]. I shot three days here. That’s it. That what we captured.’”

Based on the trailer, that scene has to be the “Knightmare” sequence that sees the appearance of Jared Leto’s Joker. Snyder has already admitted that Leto’s cameo was not part of the original plan for his Justice League, but the actor was game to give his Suicide Squad role another shot in Snyder’s cut of JL.

Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller, and Amber Heard all participated in the re-shoots for this one scene, although Deborah Snyder revealed that Miller had to shoot his scenes from a stage in the U.K. where he was busy filming Fantastic Beasts 3:

“It was also weird because Ezra [Miller] as shooting [‘Fantastic Beasts at the time] and he’s in the scene,” explained Snyder. “So, we shot him remotely. Zack Zoomed in because he was on ‘Fantastic Beasts.’ Luckily, their crew is amazing they were like, ‘We’ll help you!’ So, we got a green screen and they had a camera feed and a Zoom. He got to direct Ezra via Zoom and we put him in.”

So then how is the Snyder Cut of Justice League four hours long? And how is Darkseid in this movie and not in the theatrical cut? Well, Snyder has long proven talented when it comes to seamlessly blending cutting-edge VFX technology into his films, and thus the visual effects workload for The Snyder Cut was heavy. That means Snyder and Co. were able to fully envision new scenes that were entirely CG, or finish dropped scenes that never made it into the theatrical cut.

Deborah Snyder revealed that thousands of new VFX shots were necessary for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and they had about half the time needed to get them done:

“The running time is just about four hours. If you think about it, about how much extra time that is, and then you think about how visual effects-heavy these superhero films are, we had to do, in six months, 2,650-some-


via Collider

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