‘Life in Color’: Netflix Releases Trailer for David Attenborough’s Docuseries!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has debuted the official trailer for David Attenborough‘s upcoming documentary series, Life in Color. At first glance, the trailer appears as though it’s advertising your run-of-the-mill nature docuseries showcasing the ways in which animals use color to survive in the wild. About 30 seconds in, however, the trailer surprises viewers with an unexpected twist.

Of course, there are plenty of nature documentaries that discuss the same subject matter. The first third of the Netflix trailer features colorful and curious birds using their plumage to find mates, tigers in the wild using their stripes to hide and protect their young, and adorable ermines using their natural white coats to hide from enemies in the snow (among other picturesque nature scenes). But then the trailer throws viewers a curveball that most might not see coming.

The human eye can only detect a limited range of colors in the visible light spectrum. Past nature documentaries have explored this concept, some even attempting to simulate what it might look like if a human could see the world through the eyes of a spider, or a mantis shrimp. But the upcoming Attenborough documentary takes things a step further with an advanced form of technology never before used to see the world through the eyes of the animal kingdom. “To understand how these colors work, you need to see them from an animal’s perspective; with new cameras developed especially for this series, now, we can” explains the impassioned narrator as the music swells to a crescendo, flashing between scenes filmed with regular cameras and the special technology used for the documentary.

Life in Color is produced by Humble Bee Films and SeeLight Pictures, in association with the BBC. Attenborough is, of course, presenting, while Sharmila Chowdhury, Stephen Dunlevy and Colette Beaudry take series producer and executive producer credits, respectively. Each of the three episodes — “Seeing in Color,” “Hiding in Color” and “Chasing Color” — will be approximately 50 minutes each, exploring the natural world of color in ways that the human eye has never experienced before.

Life in Color will premiere on Earth Day, April 22, on Netflix. Check out the trailer below.


via Collider

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