‘The Kominsky Method’: Upcoming Final Season Gets a Release Date and First-Look Images!! Check It Out!!

Netflix finally revealed a release date for The Kominsky Method Season 3, which marks the final batch of episodes for the comedy series. The announcement comes with a set of first-look images from the third season ahead of the premiere in May.

The Kominsky Method follows Michael Douglas as “Sandy” Kominsky, once a famous actor that now works as a coach for new talents in Hollywood in his own acting school. After Sandy’s best friend Norman Newlander (Alan Arkin) loses his wife to cancer, both men start to question their own existence, and struggle with the challenges their old age brings. This includes health issues, conflicts of values with the younger generations and the fear of dying alone after losing a loved one. What’s remarkable about The Kominsky Method is how it embraces the existentialist nature of its plot, without ever giving up the good humor.

The Kominsky Method Season 3 will premiere on May 28 on Netflix, just a little over a year and a half after Season 2 premiered back in 2019. The final season promises to increase the existential pressure over Sandy’s shoulder, since now the old actor will have to deal with life without the company of his friend. Arkin left the show after the second season, and according to the official synopsis, his absence will be reflected in the plot of the third season.

The Kominsky Method was created by Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Disjointed). The show also stars Sarah Baker as Sandy’s daughter Mindy, Paul Reiser as Mindy’s boyfriend Martin and Nancy Ann Travis as Lisa, a student from Sandy’s coaching school. Kathleen Turner, who showed up as Sandy’s ex-wife Ruth on the second season, will move from a guest star to series regular for the show’s final season.

Check out the first batch of Kominsky Method Season 3 images below the official synopsis, and mark your calendars for May 28.

Sandy Kominsky has to navigate what aging looks like without his longtime friend Norman Newlander by his side in the final season of The Kominsky Method. Life only becomes more complicated with the arrival of Sandy’s ex-wife Roz Volander. The pair’s famously volatile relationship is further inflamed when she comes to LA to spend time with their daughter Mindy and her boyfriend Martin.


via Collider

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