‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 6 Gets a New Trailer!! Check It Out!!

Proving that, at this point, they can get away with pretty much anything, the new Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 trailer introduces the new threat the superhero team must face: time-aliens. The trailer also lets us know that Legends of Tomorrow will keep its lighter approach to the superhero theme, leaving the darker storylines to other series from the Arrowverse.The trailer picks the story up right after the finale of Season 5, when Legends’ leader Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) was abducted by aliens. Now, with Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) taking command of the crew, the Legends must travel through history to fight off this new menace, a mission that, as the tagline from the trailer announces, “takes some guts”, a perfectly placed pun, with alien entrails exploding on the screen.While the CW’s Arrowverse started gritty and serious with Arrow, the shared universe inspired by DC heroes incorporates the wackier side of the comic book with Legends of Tomorrow. The show follows some less-known DC super-people, saving the universe while traveling through time. As if the premise wasn’t crazy enough, the previous seasons of Legends of Tomorrow already featured magical creatures, immortal beings, demons from hell, and even reincarnated historical villains. Chasing aliens across time and space is actually not so weird for this team.Legends of Tomorrow star Nick Zano as Steel, Dominic Purcell as Heat Wave, Matt Ryan as John Constantine, Tala Ashe as Zara Tarazi, and Shayan Sobhian as Behrad Tarazi, mixing both heroes exclusive to the series as characters that were originally part of other Arrowverse shows. Season 6 will also add a new face to the team, with Lisseth Chavez playing the part of Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz, a new character created especially for Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 premieres on May 2, with a new episode coming to The CW every Sunday. You can watch the trailer right below:

You can check the official synopsis for Season 6 of Legends of Tomorrow right here:

Having spent last season trying to track down the Loom of Fate in order to bring back their slain comrades, the Legends must now save history from a foe like none they’ve encountered in the past or future. Co-captains of the time-ship Waverider Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe have dealt with monsters, time anomalies, and most recently, villains from Hell, but this season they will face something even more challenging and bizarre … space aliens! After one of their own is abducted by a ruthless alien, this new mission becomes personal. It will take more than the combined powers of a dark magician, John Constantine; a semi-reformed arsonist, Mick Rory; historian who transforms into steel, Nate Heywood; and a brother-sister wind-totem-wielding duo, Zara Tarazi (Tala Ashe) and Behrad Tarazi (Shayan Sobhian) to save the world for a sixth time. They must recruit a new Legend, a woman who was abducted by aliens when she was a child and supposedly imbued with powers that will help the team defeat their intergalactic foes. Either that or she’s just crazy…



via Collider

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