Bong Joon Ho Working on a Deep-Sea Creatures led Action-Horror Animated Film!!

Bong Joon Ho‘s Korean-language script that was previously reported to be among his in-the-works projects has been revealed to be for an animated film. Per Variety, the movie is about deep-water sea creatures. The Academy Award-winning writer and director had previously described the film as an action-horror set in Seoul.

The screenplay, which was completed in January, was written in collaboration with Korean animation company 4th Creative Party, which has worked on several of Bong’s movies, including Snowpiercer, Okja, and Mother. This script was one of two Bong was working on in the wake of 2019’s Parasite. The other script, an English-language project based on an undisclosed true event from 2016, is expected to be Bong’s next directorial effort. Bong emphasized in 2019 that neither would be big films, calling them “the size of Parasite or Mother.”

It’s a busy time for Bong, who is currently developing a Parasite series at HBO with Adam McKay. He’s also producing Matt Palmer’s Sea Fog, an adaptation of the 2014 Korean-language film Haemoo, which Bong co-wrote. Bong will also serve as president of the jury at the Venice Film Festival in August and September.

We’ve known about the action-horror elements of this project for a while, but this is the first word that the film will be animated. 4th Creative Party certainly has the chops for horror; their previous collaborations with Bong have ranged from charming and magical to grotesque and terrifying — often in the same scene — but it’s still an unusual combination. But unexpected, genre-bending twists are Bong’s signature, so the results are bound to be interesting.

No word yet on when any of these projects are expected, so stay tuned to Collider for further details.


via Collider

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