‘Stranger Things’: Maya Hawke’s Robin to Get a Tie-In Prequel Podcast!!

It’s time to learn more about Stranger Things’ Robin, as Maya Hawke is getting her own prequel podcast! Exploring Robin Buckley’s sophomore year at Hawkins High School, Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins will feature the voices of Hawke and Sean Maher and is written and directed by Lauren Shippen. The six-episode series will be released on June 29.

The podcast explores a time prior to when we meet Hawke‘s Robin and before she ever worked with Steve Harrington (Joe Keery), and will be paired with an accompanying young adult book titled Stranger Things: Rebel Robin by acclaimed author A.R. Capetta.

Robin was instantly a fan favorite when the show aired. Hawke brought an air to her that wasn’t there for Steve and his nonsense but was willing to help the kids of Hawkins, Indiana when they were suddenly confronted with the Upside Down yet again. So getting to know a little more about how Robin came to be the hero we saw on-screen during her time at Scoops Ahoy is a fun addition to the Stranger Things series.

We will have a lot more Robin coming our way this June 29 with the release of both Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins and the companion YA novel, and that’ll be a nice holdover until we get some more information about Stranger Things Season 4. Watch the announcement teaser below:

Here’s the plot synopsis for Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins:

Robin’s favorite teacher, Mr. Hauser, offers his classroom if she ever needs a quiet place to eat lunch away from the stress of school. Over the next few months, Robin and Hauser meet regularly to discuss philosophy, books, friendship, independence and the disturbing number of Tom Cruise movies in 1983. A coming of age story about the struggle of being different in a small town, Surviving Hawkins explores how learning to be ourselves is truly the bravest thing we can do, because it brings out the scariest monster of all: the judgment of other people.


via Collider

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