‘Robots’: Shailene Woodley Set to Star in Comedy from ‘Borat’ Writer!!

Shailene Woodley will join Jack Whitehall in a fast-paced comedy from Borat scribe Anthony Hines. Rocket Science‘s Robots is written and directed by Hines and Casper Christensen, who will be joined by producers Thorsten Schumacher, Jere Hausfater, Cassian Elwes and Stephen Hamel. Hines has received two Academy Award nominations for writing both Borat films, and has also served as Sacha Baron Cohen‘s co-writer and producer on works like Ali G, Brüno, The Dictator, The Brothers Grimsby and Who Is America?.

Robots is adapted from the short story by prolific sci-fi writer Robert Sheckley, which centers on a womanizer and a gold digger who team up to pursue their robot doppelgangers who have fallen in love and run away together. Clearly, if we put two-and-two together, Whitehall will star as the womanizer, Charles, with Woodley taking on the role of the gold digger, Elaine, as well as their robot selves too. Sci-fi comedies are rare occurrences, as the two genres rarely mix since the latter tends to lean more towards serious, high-brow concepts. Given the talent behind and in front of the camera, Robots appears to be a fun, original premise that plays to the strengths of the creatives and cast.

In an official statement, Hines said:

“At a time when comedies are needed more than ever, I couldn’t be more delighted than to have Shailene and Jack team up to play the leads in this movie.”

Woodley is coming off a slew of indie film projects, as well as the acclaimed second season of HBO‘s hit series Big Little Lies. She can also be seen in Netflix‘s historical romance film, The Last Letter from Your Lover, which is set to be released later this summer. She also just wrapped production on Misanthrope, a crime drama about a cop that is recruited by the FBI to help track down a murderer. Woodley‘s future projects include a reunion with Miles Teller in a drama called The Fence, where they will star as a pair of liberal newlyweds who go head-to-head with a conservative neighbor who builds a nine-foot fence around their building. Finally, Woodley is also set to star in another comedy-romance, No Baggage, as well as a thriller with Anthony Mackie called Panopticon. Her addition to Robots continues to prove that Woodley is one of the most dynamic young actresses working today, as she has proven her acting prowess through numerous different genres and projects.

Production on Robots is set to begin this August in New Mexico. We’ll keep you updated on future announcements.


via Collider

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