‘Zola’ Heading to VOD on July 23!!

A24’s viral Twitter-thread-turned-feature-film Zola will be available to rent on digital rental platforms sooner than expected, according to Variety. Zola had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2020, but the pandemic delayed its North American theatrical release until June 30th, 2021. Now, just three weeks after its release, home audiences will be able to rent the film on-demand starting on July 23.

Based on the 148-tweet viral thread written by A’Ziah “Zola” King in 2015 about her real life, this unique biopic follows the Detroit waitress Zola (Taylour Paige) as she is lured into an unforgettable journey through the nightclubs of Florida by an exotic dancer named Stefani (Riley Keough). The thread detailed a raucous adventure that included prostitution, murder, and attempted suicide.

Director Janicza Bravo co-wrote the screenplay with the playwright Jeremy O. Harris, turning the thread into a 90-minute film. Zola has been met with largely positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, including Collider’s own Matt Goldberg who hailed Zola as, “a wild ride that you won’t soon forget.” While Zola will be available to watch from at home, it will remain in cinemas where it has already collected $3.5 million at the box office. New movies tend to play for 75 days prior to making the move to digital streaming, but the pandemic has revolutionized the way that audiences view cinema.

In addition to Taylour Paige and Riley Keough, Zola also stars Nicholas Braun as Stefani’s boyfriend Derek, Colman Domingo as Stefani’s roommate, Ari’el Stachel as Sean, and Jason Mitchell as Dion.

You can catch Zola in a theater near you today, or from the comfort of your own home on services like Amazon, iTunes, and FandangoNow, for just $19.99 starting on July 23.


via Collider

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