‘Delilah’: ‘Sweet Tooth’ Director Alexis Ostrander to Direct Screen Gems Thriller!!

Alexis Ostrander, the director behind one of Sweet Tooth’s best episodes, is poised to direct her first feature film. She has signed on to direct Delilah, a Screen Gems feature with a screenplay written by the writing team of Harrison Query and Tommy Wallach. Ground Control Entertainment, along with its founder Scott Glassgold, will produce the project. Delilah’s script was rumored to be a hot ticket during this year’s spec script circuit.

Not much is currently known about the project. However, Deadline has previously reported that Delilah is a psychological thriller in the vein of other twisty female-led projects such as Gone Girl. The film is still in development, with Screen Gems reportedly fast-tracking it when the screenplay was purchased according to the outlet’s January report.

This will not be the first time Glassgold and Query have worked together on a major project. The duo sold the feature pitch My Wife and I Bought a Ranch…, inspired by a Reddit posting and written by Query’s brother Matt, to Netflix last year for over a million dollars. Not much progress has been made with this acquisition, but it still sounds interesting nonetheless.

As we have seen in her work with Sweet Tooth, Ostrander is no stranger to unpredictable projects. She has also directed two episodes of M. Night Shyamalan’s Apple TV+ series Servant, as well as episodes of Nancy Drew and Swamp Thing. Given how these episodes have been well-regarded by viewers, it is exciting to see her make the jump from television to film.

While Delilah does not have an expected release date as of yet, Screen Gems does have some interesting films lined up for release this year. Don’t Breathe 2 will premiere in theaters on August 13th, while Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City is expected to release on November 24th. Sweet Tooth has also been renewed for a second season, so we might get to see Ostrander return. Here’s to hoping she’s involved in the hybrid rescue plot Christian Convery has proposed.


via Collider

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