‘Buried’: First Trailer Teases the Showtime Crime Docuseries!! Check It Out!!

Showtime has released the first teaser for its upcoming true crime documentary series Buried, proving just how fallible the human mind can be. Chronicling the first-ever legal case to be based on recovered memories, the four-part legal thriller will reveal how one woman’s long-repressed memory of a murder sparked a national conversation about the statute of limitations and how far memory can be used in a court of law. All four episodes of Buried will premiere beginning October 10.

The teaser for Buried opens with the audio of a 911 call, the voice of young Eileen Franklin’s husband revealing to the police that she has just admitted to remembering a murder — one committed by her own father. While playing with her young daughter, Franklin was suddenly hit with the repressed memory of witnessing her father, George Franklin, brutally assault and murder her childhood best friend, Susan Nason, a cold case that had gone unsolved for nearly twenty years.

Buried reveals the consequences and the subsequent media frenzy that resulted from Franklin’s sudden confession, including the laundry list of questions and doubts it produced about how reliable her memory really was. Through a series of testimonies, including those of “family, neighbors, memory experts, law enforcement, mental health professionals and many others,” Buried’s four episodes will explore the impact of Eileen’s confession not only on her own family but on the broader legal and mental health communities at large.

Yotam Guendelman and Ari Pines wrote and directed all four episodes of Buried, which is executive produced by Mika Timor, Maor Azran, Dan Adler, and Guendelman. The series is a co-production of MA Productions and Guendelman & Timor Productions.

All four episodes of Buried will be available to Showtime subscribers at midnight on October 10, ahead of the series’ on-air premiere the same day at 9 PM EST. Check out the brand new teaser below:



via Collider

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