‘The Bee Keeper’: Jason Statham and Miramax Re-Team for Thriller!!

Action star Jason Statham is partnering up with Miramax Studios once again. Deadline reports that the Hobbs and Shaw star has signed on to star in The Bee Keeper, a “lightning-paced thriller steeped in the mythology of Bee Keeping” adapted from a spec script by Kurt Wimmer. According to Deadline, the studio shelled out seven figures for the project, and are currently searching for a director.

While not much else is known about the project at the moment, Statham and Wimmer are both attached to produce the film, alongside Miramax CEO Bill Block, who expressed his excitement in a statement to Deadline:

“The Bee Keeper explores universal themes with an unconventional story that will have fans sitting on the edge of their seats. We’re excited to bring another iconic and irresistible film to audiences around the globe.”

Statham has worked with Miramax twice previously, on the upcoming Guy Ritchie project Five Eyes, a spy thriller also starring Aubrey Plaza and Hugh Grant, as well as the recent Wrath of Man, another Ritchie project that recently garnered $104 million at the global box office. Ritchie has also been a staple director for Miramax, with his film The Gentlemen grossing over $115 million worldwide.

Despite having no real plot synopsis available, fans can anticipate that The Bee Keeper will be just as high-octane as the rest of Statham’s career, with the actor having made himself a staple of the action genre with projects like Spy, the Fast & Furious franchise, and The Expendables. The film joins a host of other upcoming Miramax projects, including He’s All That starring Addison Rae, Mother Android starring Chloe Moretz, and the highly-anticipated Halloween Kills starring Jamie Lee Curtis.

No release date has been announced for The Bee Keeper, but Miramax is currently eyeing a September 2022 start date for the production, shooting on location in London and Atlanta.


via Collider

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