‘My Heroes Were Cowboys’ Trailer Teases the Upcoming Documentary Short!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has just released the trailer for its upcoming documentary short, My Heroes Were Cowboys. Hailing from producer Chris Pine, the film details the life and work of Hollywood horse trainer, Robin Wiltshire.

Marked by a painful childhood, Wiltshire found solace and inspiration in the Western films he grew up with. Born in Australia, Wiltshire moved to the US to ride bucking horses on the rodeo circuit. That’s where he got his start training horses, which landed him his first film gig: training a team of Clydesdale horses for Budweiser’s famous ad campaigns. Today, he runs Turtle Ranch in Wyoming, which trains horses and other animals for films like Django Unchained and commercials for Wells Fargo, Chevrolet, and Phillip Morris.

Set against the backdrop of Wiltshire’s ranch, the trailer is full of stunning shots of horses running and jumping, as well as performing more specialized tricks like balancing on a seesaw and smiling for the camera. We even catch a glimpse of a horse tucking itself in under a blanket, which is exactly as adorable as it sounds. The documentary is directed by newcomer Tyler Greco, with cinematographer Joe Victorine as the director of photography. Both also served as executive producers on the film.

Pine is producing under his Barry Linen banner, with Dress Code also producing. Pine‘s longtime assistant, Erin Fahey, will join Greco and Victorine as executive producer, alongside Ian Gotler, Dan Covert, Andre Andreev, Joel Lilje, and Jim Muscarella.

My Heroes Were Cowboys arrives on Netflix on September 16. Check out the trailer and synopsis for My Heroes Were Cowboys below.

Robin Wiltshire, an immigrant inspired by the iconography of the Hollywood western, finds meaning and redemption through the art of horse training.


via Collider

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