‘Apollo 11’ Limited Series Coming from Director Barry Levinson; Kevin Costner to Produce!!

Kevin Costner is set to produce an Apollo 11 limited series with Academy Award-winning Rain Man director Barry Levinson attached to direct the show, according to Deadline. The series will be helmed by Stephen Kronish, who will showrun in addition to writing and producing. Kronish is best known for his work on Fox‘s 24, where he served as a producer and writer. Mike Medavoy is also set to produce.

The currently untitled limited series will approach the Apollo 11 moon landing from a different angle, focusing more on the personal conflicts between members of the flight team, like Neil Armstrong and Mike Collins, as well as the NASA psychiatrist, Rachel Katherine Ludwig, who was ignored after she predicted the potential for disaster for Buzz Aldrin. It is also reported that the series will explore the Soviet Union’s attempts to sabotage Apollo 11’s trip to the moon, the fallout with Russia over America’s Cold War victory, and the people back on Earth who were celebrating the massive accomplishment of NASA’s moon landing.

While the team has not taken the project to market yet, Costner, Medavoy, Benjamin Anderson, Sir Howard Stringer, and Jeremy Fox are set to executive produce the series. Medavoy and Costner previously worked together on Dances with Wolves, while he and Levinson worked together on Bugsy and an untitled film, which was announced in 2013. Levinson seems excited to direct the new series, telling Deadline:

“I thought I knew the Apollo 11 story. After reading this script it’s even more dramatic, absolutely fascinating and certainly more human.”

Levinson‘s most recent project, Dopesick, is set to premiere next month on Hulu. The series, which is based on a book by the same name, was filmed extensively throughout southwestern Virginia, in areas that were historically affected by the opioid crisis.


via Collider

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