‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ Shatters Labor Day Records at the BO!!

Who says that people don’t go to the movies over Labor Day weekend?

And who says American audiences are hesitant about going to the movies?

Hollywood, it’s time to re-think your game plan about the theatrical release schedule. It doesn’t look like Vax cards policing at any movie theaters prevented anyone from going to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, as Disney continued to exercise a theatrical window post-Free Guy, taking their latest Marvel Cinematic Universe title to the second best-3 day of the pandemic with $71.4M, behind Disney/Marvel’s Black Widow ($80.3M) and ahead of F9‘s $70M. The 4-day per industry estimate is expected to be $89.2M. Disney is reporting $83.5M for the four-days as of this morning.

Overall estimated four-day weekend for all movies stands at $135.2M, which is 12% ahead of the 4-day Labor Day weekend of 2019 of $120.7M. Many sources have told me that moviegoing won’t be considered normal until we’re at or ahead of 2019 weekend box office levels. Well, here’s well-above normal. Oh, and by the way, MGM/United Artists Releasing’s No Time to Die is staying put on Oct. 8; there was never, ever an option for the 007 pic to move again on the theatrical release calendar.

Imax screens in U.S. and Canada drove $8M of Shang-Chi‘s weekend, or 10% of it’s overall 3-day, with a per screen of $20K, hands down an Imax domestic weekend Labor Day record.

“Shattering Labor Day box office records with an origin story new to many fans, Shang-Chi delivers an emphatic statement: people really want to get back to the movies,” said Rich Gelfond, CEO of Imax, in a statement. “It’s clear that great filmmaking plus an exclusive theatrical release is a winning formula at the box office, and this groundbreaking film has successfully launched an exciting new cinematic journey for Marvel and a strong fall blockbuster slate for the industry.”

A lot of stats to share here on Shang-Chi this morning, all according to Screen Engine/Comscore’s PostTrak:

As a testament to the pic’s buzz and how it impacted people to get up off the couch: 63% of those buying tickets to the Destin Daniel Cretton directed feature bought their tickets the day of, while 16% did it the day before, with 14% in the last week, and 7% more than a week ago. Sixty-three percent bought their tickets online, while 35% bought their movie tickets at a theater, with 2% through a Costco or Walmart package. Close to 60% saw the movie in a normal theater, while 23% chose Imax and 13% chose the premium large format experience.

Thirty-one percent of the audience were males under 25, 31% were males over 25, with females under 25 at 20% and females over 25 at 18%. Updated 18-34 turnout is 59%. Updated diversity demos are 36% Caucasian (92% grade), 22% Latino (88% grade), 18% Black (90% grade) and 18% Asian (who gave the MCU title it’s best grades at 94%). Disney exits show 61% males overall for Shang-Chi.

In regards to how people went to this blockbuster, as it’s very telling during a pandemic; it appears as though they were very comfortable: 23% of the audience went with 2 to 4 friends, 16% went with one friend, 7% came with five or more friends, families repped 20%, while 16% of those buying tickets were on a date, and 10% watched the Marvel movie alone. Per Disney polls, they report 88% general audience and 6% parents and 6% kids turning out.

The primary reason why moviegoers went to see Shang-Chi were as follows: Part of a franchise they love, that being the MCU (49%), the genre/plot (46%), came with someone who encouraged them to see it (31%), the cast as a whole (27%), heard it was ‘good’ (27%), lead actor Simu Liu (23%), Awkwafina (14%), and critics’ reviews (14%).

Citing the most influential form of marketing that prodded them to see Shang-Chi, those polled answered the YouTube trailer (23%), the online trailer (13%), the in-theater trailer (11%), word of mouth from friends/family (9%), Instagram trailers/clips (9%), TV ads (8%), Twitter clips/trailers (3%), Facebook clips/trailers (3%), in theater posters-banners (3%), and billboards/outdoor ads (2%).

Before watching Shang-Chi this weekend, 40% said they watched the trailer or film clips online a month or so before, while 25% said they watched the trailer/clips this week, and 21% caught the trailer literally the day they went to the see the picture. Fourteen percent said they never watched the trailer to Shang-Chi before seeing the movie.

After watching Shang-Chi, of the moviegoers polled, 25% said they’d buy the movie on Blu-Ray or DVD, 13% said they’d buy it digitally (Amazon, iTunes, etc) while 10% said they’d rent the movie digitally, while 15% said they’d find a way to download the movie for free (BitTorrent, Limewire, etc).

How often are people going to the movies during the pandemic in the last two months? Screen Engine/Comscore learned that of those attending Shang-Chi, 5% had seen seven or more movies over that time frame, 2% had seen six movies, 5% had seen five movies, 9% had watched four movies, 22% had seen three movies, 28% had watched two movies, while 30% had watched one movie.

iSpot reports that since the start of Shang-Chi‘s campaign, Disney spent close to $11M in TV ads that generated 1.18 billion impressions. Of the top networks the studio advertised on: NBC (15%), ABC (12%), Disney Channel (6.3%), Freeform (5.5%) and ESPN (4.1%). The top shows that aired Shang-Chi spots (based on TV ad impressions) were the Tokyo Olympics (11.1%), Bachelor in Paradise (2%), America’s Got Talent (1.8%), MLB games (1.7%) and SportsCenter (1.6%).

EntTelligence estimates that 4M people saw Shang-Chi through the end of Saturday. Activity for Shang-Chi was well spread out on Saturday, with patrons showing up throughout the day, per the industry analytics firm: About 35% of the audience came out after 7PM compared to Friday when 55% of patrons came out once the evening began.

This weekend’s chart for Sept 3-6, 2021, Labor Day weekend:

1.) Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings (Dis) 4,300 theaters Fri $29.6M/Sat $23.2M/Sun $18.6M/Mon $12.1M/3-day $71.4M/4-day $83.5M/Wk 1

2.) Candyman (Uni) 3,569 theaters Fri $2.8M/Sat $3.8M/Sun $3.8M/Mon $2.88M/3-day $10.55M (-52%)/4-day: $13.4M/Total $41.9M/Wk 2

3.) Free Guy (20th/Dis) 3,885 theaters (-55) Fri $2.1M/Sat $3.2M/Sun $3.3M/Mon $2.45M/3-day $8.7M (-34%)/4-day $11.1M/Total $94.3M/Wk 4

4.) Paw Patrol (Par) 3,004 theaters (-185) Fri $970K/Sat $1.5M/Sun $1.5M/Mon $1.2M/3-day $4M (-40%)/4-day $5.215M/Total $31.5M/Wk 3  —also available on Paramount+

5.) Jungle Cruise (Dis) 3,075 (-295) theaters Fri $885K/Sat $1.55M/Sun $1.5M/Mon $1.25M/3-day $3.95M (-21%)/4-day $5.2M/Total: $106.9M/Wk 6 — available on Disney+ Premier

6.) Don’t Breathe 2 (Sony) 2176 (-527)/Fri $585K/Sat $840K/Sun $785K/Mon $510K/3-day $2.2M (-23%)/4-day $2.7M/Total $28.5M/Wk 4 — on PVOD already

7.) Respect (UAR) 2,107 (-500) theaters Fri $313K/Sat $464k/Sun $487K/Mon $366k/3-day $1.265M (-44%)/4-day $1.63M/Total $22.2M/Wk 4  – on PVOD

8.) The Suicide Squad (WB) 1,561 (-875) theaters/Fri $230K/Sat $355K/Sun $320K/Mon $210K/3-day $905K (-55%)/4-day $1.11M/Total $54.6M/Wk 5 — currently on HBO Max for a few more days

9.) Black Widow (Dis) 750 (-300) theaters Fri $185K/Sat $264K/Sun $299K/Mon $155K/3-day $748K (-5%)/4-day $903K/Total $182.6M/Wk 9  — on Disney+ Premier, but also doubled booked at drive-ins showing Shang-Chi.

10.) Night House (Sea) 1,020 (-1,220) theaters Fri $140K/Sat $195K/Sun $217K/Mon $148K/3-day $552K/4-day $700K/Total $6.4M/Wk 3

11.) Chal Mera Putt 2 (RBE) 90 (+18) theaters/Fri $113,5K/Sat $187,5K/Sun $189K/Mon $174K/3-day: $490,5K (-13%)/4-day $664,5K/Total $2.165M/Wk 2

12.) The Protege (LG) 1,451 (-1,126) theaters Fri $145K/Sat $190K/Sun $190K/Mon $135K/3-day $525K (-68%)/4-day $660K/Total $7.02M/Wk 3


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