‘Dexter: New Blood’ Gets an Official Trailer!!! Check It Out!!

Showtime’s revival of Dexter is coming up fast, and to prepare fans for the return of Michael C. Hall’s infamous serial killer in plain sight, the network has released an all-new trailer showcasing the series. Dexter: New Blood looks different from its predecessor, but no less bloody, with an all-new cast joining the Bay Harbor Butcher for unsettling new thrills.

Set to Iggy Pop’s classic “The Passenger,” this first trailer shows us just what Dexter Morgan has been up to since he escaped to rural New York under an assumed name. We see Dexter as what looks like a flourishing part of his community, a shop owner and a well-adjusted member of society, attending parties and chatting with his neighbors like he’s just another man on the street. On the outside, all is well and good — the Dark Passenger has been locked away, somewhere deep inside where he can’t be reached. We even get a better look at Julia Jones’s Angela Bishop, the police chief in love with Dexter who’s given him a chance to move on and start something beautiful.

But when people start to go missing in the quaint little town of Iron Lake, something rises from within Dexter, something he’s suppressed for years but cannot help revisit in the face of new horrors. He cannot escape his past forever, and as things continue to spiral, and bodies continue to pile up in an all-too-familiar pattern, he will have to face what he left behind all those years ago during Hurricane Laura — including his son, a now grown-up Harrison.

Harrison, now played by Jack Alcott, is not the only part of Dexter’s past to return, either — Jennifer Carpenter will also return as Debra Morgan, and stage and screen legend John Lithgow is set to reprise his role as the Trinity Killer. But will their return be enough to pull Dexter out of hiding? No one knows. Dexter: New Blood also stars Jamie Chung, Alano Miller, Oscar Wahlberg, and even the formidable Clancy Brown as Dexter’s newest nemesis. The series, written by Clyde Phillips, promises a definitive ending for Dexter, one that will hopefully leave fans far more satisfied than they were when the series originally wrapped up in 2013.

Dexter: New Blood premieres exclusively on Showtime on November 7. Check out the brand new trailer below.


via Collider

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