‘Finch’: First Poster Teases Tom Hanks’ Apple TV+ Sci-Fi Movie!! Check It Out!!

Tom Hanks, a dog, a robot, and a post-apocalyptic abandoned city. These are the four elements of the poster for Finch, a sci-fi movie that is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on November 5. In the story, Hanks plays an inventor who builds a robot to make sure his dog will have company after he dies. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Much like many other films produced over the last two years, Finch’s release date in theaters was pushed back several times until the Tim Cook company bought it to feature in its original content. Coincidentally, the same happened with another Tom Hanks movie: Greyhound was also affected by the pandemic and bought by Apple TV+. The new movie, however, is going to test audiences’ response to Hanks in a sci-fi story, which is a genre the actor isn’t commonly featured in. But in a film that follows the two most charismatic figures on the planet, what could really go wrong?

Finch is directed by British filmmaker Miguel Sapochnik, who is no stranger to sci-fi, having directed Repo Men and episodes of sci-fi TV series like Fringe, Revolution, Falling Skies, and Altered Carbon, so he knows a thing or two about post-apocalyptic scenarios. Sapochnik is also the one who directed Battle of the Bastards, the Season 6 episode of Game of Thrones, which is one of the most celebrated in the show’s history.

Apple TV+ has yet to release a trailer for Finch. Aside from Hanks and the dog, the cast features Caleb Landry Jones as the robot (whose performance was done through motion capture). The poster was revealed by Steven Spielberg’s production company, Amblin Entertainment, on its official Twitter account. You can see it below:


via Collider

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