‘Mortal Kombat’: Warner Bros. Reportedly Looking to Build Cinematic Universe!!

Released in theaters and on HBO Max back in April, the James Wan-produced Mortal Kombat battled its way to $83 million at the worldwide box office, with the film also proving to be a hit on the HBO Max streaming service. You may be thinking that Warner Bros. is likely looking to build out the universe with follow-up movies, and indeed that seems to be the case.

Variety notes this week in a much larger piece about Dune and its simultaneous release on HBO Max and in theaters, “Other films that had a hybrid release still have talks of sequels, with Warner Bros. looking to develop other installments in its Mortal Kombat universe.”

There’s not much to go on here at this time, but it would seem that Warner Bros. is at the very least interested in more live-action Mortal Kombat projects. This year’s movie had a post-credits tease of Johnny Cage making an appearance in a future sequel, and star Joe Taslim had recently revealed that he’s already signed on for a handful of sequels should the Warner Bros. movie prove successful enough to warrant them actually being made. As for what Taslim himself wants next, he proposes a prequel movie centered on his character Bi-Han/Sub-Zero.

Mind you, nothing is confirmed or set in stone at this time, but it’s likely that the strong HBO Max numbers are leading Warner Bros. to consider what could come next from the franchise. After all, keep in mind that we haven’t even seen a proper tournament yet…

Stay tuned for more as we learn it.


via Bloody Disgusting

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