‘Batwoman’ Season 3: New Trailer Teases the Return of Mad Hatter!! Check It Out!!

The new Batwoman Season 3 trailer teases the Mad Hatter is coming back to Gotham, as someone is using the classic Batman villain’s mind-controlling technology. While it is still unclear if this version of the Mad Hatter is indeed Jervis Tetch, the reveals connect to Season 2’s finale cliff-hanger, in which Batman’s trophies (a.k.a. supervillain tech) got lost in one of Gotham’s rivers.

The Mad Hatter is not the only supervillain present in the new trailer, as Dr. Pamela Isley’s plants are an object of study of the new Bat-Family. Poison Ivy was also one of the villains teased at the end of Season 2, and the cast of Bridget Regan as a recurring character confirms Javicia Leslie’s will face some of Batman’s biggest threats. A short fighting scene in the trailer also shows Batwoman trying to strangle a scaly monster, which could very well be The CW’s version of Killer Croc.

Season 1 of Batwoman starred Ruby Rose as Bruce Wayne’s cousin Kate Kane, who takes on the mantle of Gotham’s protector three years after Wayne/Batman disappears. Rose decided to leave the role after just one season due to a back injury suffered on the set of Batwoman, in addition to the pressure of being the main lead on a superhero show.

Instead of recasting the part, showrunner Caroline Dries changed the plans for the second season, which dealt with the rise of a new Batwoman, Ryan Wilder (Leslie), created especially for the show. Season 2 consolidates Ryan as the new Batwoman, as the heroine takes down the Black Mask (Peter Outerbridge), and now it seems she’s ready to confront more prominent members of Batman’s rogue gallery.

Batwoman’s Season 3 premieres on October 13, with weekly episodes coming to The CW every Wednesday. Batwoman’s episodes will be available to stream for free on The CW website the next day of their release. Check the new trailer below.


via Collider

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