‘Red, White and Royal Blue’ Movie Adaptation Sets Matthew Lopez as Director!!

The Red, White & Royal Blue movie has officially found its director. Matthew López, who became the first Latiné playwright to win a Tony for Best Play this past weekend, will make his feature directorial debut with the big-screen adaptation of the 2019 bestselling LGBT romance novel by Casey McQuiston. The film is a production of Amazon Studios.

López will also write the script for the movie, which revolves around the love story between an unlikely couple. Alex Claremont-Diaz is the son of America’s first female president, while Prince Henry is the grandson of the Queen of England — and the two of them have absolutely never gotten along. After what could best be described as a minor international incident, Alex and Henry have to pretend to be friends for publicity reasons, but as they spend more time together they realize they might want to be more than friends too. Becoming romantically involved could prove difficult for a lot of reasons, and not just because Alex’s mom is preparing to run for re-election — but because it might thrust both men into the spotlight in a way they’re not ready for.

López, who recently won a Tony Award for his play The Inheritance, is also currently penning a script for a remake of The Bodyguard starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, which will center around an up-and-coming Latina pop star as opposed to an established celebrity. He’s also writing a feature adaptation of the novel Leading Men, which tells of the relationship between Tennessee Williams and his longtime partner Frank Merlo.

Berlanti/Schechter FilmsGreg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter are producing the Red, White & Royal Blue movie, with Michael McGrath executive producing. López will also serve as executive producer. No release date or casting has been announced for the project, so stay tuned to Collider for more news as it moves forward.

Here’s the official synopsis for Red, White & Royal Blue:

What happens when America’s Prince falls in love with an actual prince? The film follows Alex Claremont-Diaz who, upon his mother’s election as president, was promptly cast as the American equivalent of a young royal. Handsome, charismatic, brilliant―his image is pure millennial-marketing gold for the White House. There’s only one problem: Alex has a long-running feud with his royal counterpart across the pond. And when the tabloids get hold of a photo involving an Alex-Henry altercation, U.S.-British relations take a turn for the worse. Heads of family, state, and other handlers devise a plan for damage control: staging a truce between the two rivals. What at first begins as a fake, Instagram-able friendship grows into something more meaningful than either Alex or Henry could have imagined. Soon Alex finds himself hurtling into a secret romance with a surprisingly unstuffy Henry that could complicate his mother’s re-election campaign, upend two nations and begs the question: Can love save the world after all?



via Collider

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