‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Wentworth Miller to Return as Captain Cold for 100th Episode!!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is getting at least one special guest to celebrate the show’s landmark 100th episode: Wentworth Miller is set to reprise his role as Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold.

According to TVLine, Miller is set to return in an episode that finds Gideon (Amy Louise Pemberton), the A.I. on board the Waverider, revisit the past history of the Legends.

According to executive producer Phil Klemmer, the episode came about because Gideon is the only character who has truly seen and experienced everything that’s happened on the show, as she’s never been absent from the ship. Klemmer said:

“It occurred to us, in being forced to do a retrospective of 100 episodes, that Gideon, really, is the only person who saw everything. Obviously, Sara Lance has been there from the very beginning, but she’s just a person. There were things that she missed. And so, we were really excited about going back through the seasons and sort of tracking the evolution of the show and doing that through Gideon’s eyes.”

Having Gideon be the one to carry on the memories of the Legends is a great idea. As Legends continues to expand and change its ensemble (it’s already lost Dominic Purcell‘s Mick Rory this season), the one character who has truly been through it all is Gideon, who will be a flesh-and-blood member of the team in the upcoming season 7.

As Klemmer explained, this 100th episode will offer surprises for both fans and also the characters themselves, as they “wanted to give a chance for the newest generation of Legends, the Astras and Spooners of the team, to meet up with some of the original gang.”

Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 premieres Wednesday October 13 on The CW.


via Collider

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