‘Resident Alien’ Season 2 Sneak Peek Reveals New Footage!! Check It Out!!

Resident Alien is back – well, almost. Fans of the quirky comic-turned SYFY show are now able to check out a Season 2 sneak peek and behind-the-scenes featurette following their release at New York Comic Con. The inside look gives viewers a chance to find out what they can expect from the next season straight from the cast themselves. Many of the cast members shared their excitement for the return of the hit show, including Corey Reynolds (The Closer), who plays the town’s sheriff, Mike Thompson. Reynolds says, “We were all really eager to step back into these characters’ crazy shoes and start goofing around again.”

Season 1 followed the story of an alien (Alan Tudyk) sent to Earth to destroy mankind, but after being stranded in Patience, Colorado by a crash landing, kills a man he encounters and assumes his identity. To the outside world, he now appears to be Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle and must keep up this façade at all costs. Along the way, the alien begins to struggle with his mission as he becomes enamored by all things human.

Falling more into the part he is now forced to play, the alien learns English (although he has a hard time grappling with social cues) and finds out everything he can about being a medical examiner from watching countless episodes of Law & Order. The alien even begins to get close with members of the community, in particular, Asta Twelvetrees (Sara Tomko) whom he reveals his true identity to as well as the mayor’s son, Max Hawthorne (Judah Prehn) who is the only person in town that can see the alien in his true form. The finale of Season 1 left audiences wondering “what’s next??” as we see Max Hawthorne hiding aboard the alien’s ship as he tries to leave Earth.

The featurette picks up with a clip of Tudyk mentioning that the alien returns to Earth. He goes on to say, “Season 1, the stakes were high, Season 2 they’re really high again. Just because I don’t destroy the Earth, doesn’t mean that somebody else isn’t gonna destroy the Earth, maybe.” Hmmm. From that, we can gather there may be some new aliens coming to town!

Season 1 also left us in the lurch with a government intelligence agency capturing the wrong doctor, thinking they were abducting the alien. Linda Hamilton (The Terminator), who plays General McCallister, confirms that she’s back and that there will be more happening with that plotline in the upcoming season. As the trailer continues, we get to hear more about the growth of different characters and their storylines really pulling together to become a full ensemble show.

One thing’s for sure: the next season is bound to be just as action-packed as the first, and maybe with even more pizza. Check out the teaser and behind-the-scenes featurette below and get ready for the newest season of Resident Alien coming to SYFY in early 2022.


via Collider

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