‘Umbrella Academy’ Season 3: New Posters Tease the Sparrow Academy!! Check It Out!!

It’s officially 2022 and fans are eager as ever for season three of The Umbrella Academy, which was previously confirmed by Netflix to premiere this year. To push the hype train out of the station entirely, the streaming service has released all-new character posters for The Sparrow Academy, the rival group that was introduced at the end of season two of the series. Previously Netflix confirmed the new cast members that would be playing the Sparrows, along with their characters, and now some brand new character posters have been revealed to tease these all-new additions to the series. Check them out below! The Sparrows cast includes:

  • JUSTIN CORNWELL as MARCUS – a natural born leader that oozes confidence and keeps the family together who is equally as charming as he is chiseled and colossus.
  • JUSTIN H. MIN as BEN … but not the one we know. This Ben is scheming, tactical and vicious, determined to gain his status as leader.
  • BRITNE OLDFORD as FEI, who sees the world in a special way. She’s typically the smartest person in the room and willing to negotiate – yet, once you cross her, there’s no turning back.
  • JAKE EPSTEIN as ALPHONSO – a scarred crime-fighter with a caustic and biting sense of humor who enjoys verbally berating his enemies, almost as much as he enjoys a good pizza and a six-pack of beer.
  • GENESIS RODRIGUEZ will play SLOANE, a romantic dreamer eager to see the world beyond the academy. Even though she feels tied down to her family, Sloane has plans of her own…and she may just act on them.
  • CAZZIE DAVID will play JAYME, a loner with a fear-inducing snarl you’d be wise to avoid at all costs. She doesn’t say much because she doesn’t have to.
  • EXISTENTIAL DREAD INDUCING PSYKRONIUM CUBE (Newcomer) will play CHRISTOPHER, a telekinetic cube that can turn the room freezing cold and induce paralyzing fear without so much of a warning. The trustworthy, loyal oracle of the Sparrows is treated as just another sibling.

The Umbrella Academy will return for season three this year. Check out the full photos of the Sparrow Academy below!

#1 – Marcus

(Photo: NETFLIX)

#2 – Ben

(Photo: NETFLIX)

#3 – FEI

(Photo: NETFLIX)

#4 – Alphonso

(Photo: NETFLIX)

#5 – Sloane

(Photo: NETFLIX)

#6 – Jayme

(Photo: NETFLIX)

#7 – Christopher

(Photo: NETFLIX)


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