‘Turning Red’: Pixar Reveals Deleted Scenes!! Check It Out!!

This has been a great year for movies so far and one of the highlights has been Pixar’s latest animated film Turning Red. The coming-of-age story was another critical success for the animation studio. To celebrate the film’s digital release, Pixar has unveiled three deleted scenes that will make any fan of the film fall in love with this charming tale all over again.

The first scene called “The Debate” goes into a deleted plot thread of our main character Meilin running for Class President against her rival Tyler. The scene boils down to more of the same hilarious bickering we got throughout the film while also showing off more of Meilin’s fun friend group dynamic. Director Domee Shi talked about the class president storyline and how it was cut because it overcomplicated the plot. While this is a fun scene you can definitely see where Shi is coming from. There were a lot of similar scenes throughout the movie between Tyler and Meilin that ultimately accomplished the same thing that this debate plot would have.

The second scene titled “4*Town Dilemma” is probably the most different of the deleted scenes as it changes the context of the whole film. The scene is between Meilin and one of her friends checking out boys as they sit on the bleachers. Like in the film, she is scrambling to save her family’s temple while also trying to get tickets to 4*Town. The difference between this scene and what ended up in the movie is the context. Shi explains that the original dilemma was Meilin fighting over being a fun panda or a party panda and not the simpler mission of choosing to be human or a panda that ended up in the film. They also get tickets at the end of this scene which is different from the final movie where the whole story was centered around Meilin making money off her panda to get tickets. Given that this scene takes place halfway through the movie, the way this deleted scene plays out would have resolved certain issues too early.

The final deleted scene “Taming the Panda” is a cute extra snippet of Meilin and her mom working on emotional control. It is a really endearing scene of Meilin’s mom desperately trying to help and relate to her daughter. The scene is also just full of hilarious exercises. Shi talked about wanting to present the “Asian parent and kid dynamic” with this film when discussing this scene.

Turning Red was arguably one of Pixar’s most mature and heartfelt films to date as it really captured what it is actually like being a kid while also effectively exploring the awkwardness of puberty — particularly for women. Few modern films, especially family animated stories, have dared to touch on such a topic. This was such a funny film that takes you back to your childhood in such a meaningful way. At the same time, through all its highly entertaining characters and antics, Turning Red was a loving story about family and being true to yourself while you deal with change. As the film arrives on digital, everyone should take the opportunity to watch this inspiring coming-of-age story.

Turning Red is on Digital as well as Disney+ now and the film is releasing on Blu-ray May 3. You can check out these three deleted scenes down below.


via Collider

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