‘Gossamer’: Thomasin McKenzie, Forest Whitaker and Vera Farmiga to Star in YA Animated Fantasy Series!!

BRON Media‘s new TV series, Gossamer, has found its lead cast. According to Variety, Forest Whitaker, Vera Farmiga, Thomasin McKenzie, and Richard E. Grant will lead the voice cast for the upcoming animated series in currently unknown roles. Additional cast includes Wilmer Valderrama (NCIS), Alanna Masterson (The Walking Dead), and introducing Courtney Rosemont.

Adapted from the Lois Lowry‘s YA novel, Gossamer follows Littlest One, a small creature who is in-training to learn how to give humans dreams. Each night she and her teacher gather happy memories from beloved objects, scents, and sounds for Littlest One to piece them together so that her humans will have sweet dreams. When the teacher takes on a troubled foster child named Frankie (originally named John in the book), dark creatures begin to go after her to instead feed Frankie terrible nightmares. Soon, Littlest One and her teacher must do all they can to protect Frankie from her dark past.

Ahead of Gossamer, Whitaker will star in the upcoming TV series Extrapolations and the feature film Havoc, which are expected sometime this year. Farmiga, well-known for her role in The Conjuring films, recently appeared in Marvel and Disney+‘s Hawkeye series and will star in the upcoming The Salamander Lives Twice. McKenzie will play American gymnast Kerri Strug in the upcoming biopic Perfect.

About the adaptation, Jason Chen, executive VP of BRON Digital, told Variety:

“We are extremely excited to bring yet another one of Lois Lowry’s properties to life. ‘Gossamer’ is not only a reimagining of the fairy genre but a real story about relationships and trust. By using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine as the backbone for creating our vast and immersive worlds, creative and technology have never been so effectively woven together. Our BRON Digital teams across the globe, paired with an incredible voice cast and the direction of Heidi and Aza, have truly taken words from the page and have translated them into a stunning movie-series that new audiences will want to escape back into time and time again.”

Gossamer marks the second Lowry adaptation by BRON following The Willoughbys, which was released on Netflix. Gossamer will be an eight-part, half-hour series produced by BRON Digital. Azazel Jacobs and Heidi Bivens direct the screenplay written by Crystal Meers. Executive producers include Aaron L. Gilbert, Brenda Gilbert, Kevin Turen, and Ashley Levinson. Chen serves as producer, with Monifa Andrew and Creative Wealth Media‘s Suraj Maraboyina, Richard McConnell, and Jason Cloth acting as associate producers. Timbaland and Gary Marella serve as executive music supervisors and will also provide music from their Beatclub artists, producers, and songwriters.

There is currently no set release date for Gossamer.


via Collider

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