‘Bridgerton’ Prequel Series Adds Connie Jenkins-Greig to Play Young Violet Ledger!!

Netflix‘s untitled Bridgerton prequel series continues to grow as Connie Jenkins-Greig boards as a recurring cast member. According to Deadline, she’ll play a younger version of a character that fans have already gotten to know very well in the main series – the eventual Bridgerton matriarch Violet Ledger. Her parents, Vivian and Lord Ledger, were previously announced to be played by Katie Brayben and Keir Charles respectively.

In the spinoff, Violet is apparently as warm as her older counterpart portrayed by Ruth Gemmell, described as kindhearted and curious, though she’s yet to look for a husband. The series is mostly set to follow the young Queen Charlotte (India Ria Amarteifio) and her rise to prominence as one of the most well-known monarchs of England. Her marriage to King Charles (Corey Mylchreest) marks a turning point in English society, establishing the Ton as the Bridgerton characters know it. Though Charlotte is the focal point, there will be plenty of stories involving a young Violet before she eventually became a Bridgerton as well as a young Lady Danbury (Arsema Thomas).

The prequel series also features Michelle Fairley, Sam Clemmett, Hugh Sachs, Richard Cunningham, Tunji Kasim, Rob Maloney, Golda Rosheuval, and Cyril Nri. Shonda Rhimes will helm the series just as she did for Bridgerton, serving as writer, executive producer, and showrunner. She’s joined on the production by executive producers Tom Verica and Betsy Beers with the former also directing the series. Rhimes adapted the original Bridgerton from the books by Julia Quinn, though the inclusion of Queen Charlotte in the series was all Rhimes‘ doing for the Netflix series.

Jenkins-Greig is a British actress known mostly for her appearances in films like The Take Down and The Kid Who Would Be King as well as a few television roles including Mr. Selfridge and New Blood. Appearing in a Bridgerton property would be a major step up, however, given the series’ crossover appeal. She’ll have big shoes to fill, stepping into the role of a character well-established in the show’s universe who remains part of the heart and soul of the series. It’s also the chance to perhaps catch the earliest days of Violet’s romance with her eventual loving husband Edmund Bridgerton.

Bridgerton is also arguably Netflix‘s next biggest original IP behind Stranger Things. Upon the premiere of Season 2 back in March, the series quickly became the streamer’s most popular English-language series, following in the footsteps of its gargantuan first season which managed 625 million hours in 28 days. A third and fourth season are also on the way at Netflix alongside the sequel series, assuring that it’ll remain a mainstay on the platform for some time. The series is also part of the reason that Rhimes remains one of the biggest names in television.

The Queen Charlotte prequel series is set to debut in 2023.


via Collider

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