‘Cuckoo’: First Image Teases the Hunter Schafer led Horror Film!! Check It Out!!

After previously writing and directing Luz, Tilman Singer’s newest horror film, Cuckoo, has recently wrapped production. With filming now complete, NEON has also shared a first look of the film, which teases a terrifying scene.

Specific plot details for the upcoming horror film remains under wraps as filming has completed after shooting in Germany on 35mm film. With post-production now underway, NEON has provided a first look of the film, which features Schafer in her film debut. The image depicts Schafer‘s character with a bandage wrapped around her head as she attempts to hide from a masked figure who is most likely trying to kill her. While it is unknown who or what she is hiding from, the image showcases a thrilling experience for horror fans when the film debuts some time next year.

Hunter Schafer, who recently received acclaim for her role in Euphoria, will star in the film in her feature-length debut. Dan Stevens (I’m Your Man) joins the cast of the film alongside Jessica Henwick (The Matrix Resurrections), Marton Csókás (The Equalizer), and Greta Fernández (A Thief’s Daughter). Actor Jan Bluthardt will appear in the film after previously collaborating with Singer on Luz. Cinematography for the film is done by Paul Faltz, with production design by Dario Mendez Acosta. The score of the film will be composed by Simon Waskow with Henning Hein returning as sound designer. It was previously announced that John Malkovich, Sofia Boutella, and Gemma Chan joined the cast, however it now appears that is no longer the case.

Alongside Cuckoo, Schafer will also be starring in the Hunger Games prequel The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, which will release on November 17, 2023. Schafer also previously wrote and co-produced an episode of Euphoria, which she also stars in as Jules Vaughn. With an up-and-coming writer and director at the helm from an acclaimed studio alongside the rising talents of Schafer, Cuckoo is shaping up to be a new film for horror fans to look out for when it releases some time in 2023.

Written and directed by Singer, Cuckoo is executive produced by Tom Quinn, Jeff Deutchman, Emily Thomas, and Ryan Friscia from NEON. Producers of the film include Markus Halberschmidt, Josh Rosenbaum, Maria Tsigka, and Ken Kao, Thor Bradwell and Ben Rimmer in a collaboration between FICTION PARK and Waypoint Entertainment.

Cuckoo currently has no set release date.


via Collider

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