‘Funko’ Film May Become a Streaming Series!!

In the past few years, the Funko Pop toy line has taken the world by storm. Sitting on the shelves of many entertainment consumers, it is only natural that Funko would want to make an animated project featuring the cute figures. But, what kind of project? Film or series? It seems that question is yet to have a definitive answer.

During the Wednesday night preview at San Diego Comic-Con, newly promoted CEO Andrew Perlmutter made some comments to Variety regarding the onscreen future of the Funko IP. After giving a shoutout to Disney+ streaming shows, specifically The Mandalorian, Perlmutter went on to say that he thinks the company would “be happy with either a movie or a streaming show. I don’t think we have a strong preference anymore. I think if you asked us five years ago, it would have been movie, but I’m not so sure that’s the case anymore.”

The Funko film was first announced in September 2019. In partnership with Warner Bros. Animation, the film was to be directed by Mark Dindal (The Emperor’s New Groove) and Teddy Newton (Day & Night), with a script by Newton. With Dindal currently working on Sony‘s animated Garfield film, it is unknown if he is still attached to the project. Perlmutter doesn’t confirm anything either, including the studio, saying that the company is “in conversations with a lot of different people all the time.”

However, he noted that “there is an overwhelming desire from people to participate in the Funko IP, either in TV streaming or movies. And we’re evaluating what the right partnership there is. What’s really important to us is the brand is treated in the way that we need it to be treated to ensure it hits all the right notes and delivers on the experience that we’re looking to have.” As to when viewers can expect to see Funko onscreen? Perlmutter says nothing is ready to be announced, including a timeline of the project.

The Funko company was founded by Mike Becker in the late 1990s in Washington state. In addition to its headquarters in Everett, Washington, fans can shop in person at the storefront in Los Angeles, which opened in 2019. Also in 2019, Funko acquired fashion company Loungefly, and last month, they acquired Alamo Drafthouse‘s Mondo.

As part of SDCC 2022, Funko has released several exclusive figures, which are expected to sell out quickly. These include Ted Lasso, Loki‘s Miss Minutes, and Peacemaker. For a look at what Funko is offering at SDCC, check out the video below:


via Collider

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