‘Atlanta’ Season 4 Teaser Callbacks to Major Moments of the Series!! Check It Out!!

FX’s Atlanta has dropped a surreal new teaser for Season 4 which will come out this fall. The minute-long clip is full of Easter eggs and callbacks to major moments of the series. The clip sees Donald Glover‘s Earn and Zazie Beetz‘s Van stepping outside a convenience store which is not any other store but the one where Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry) shot someone in the opening scene of the pilot episode, The Big Bang.

The pair then looks on in confusion when Coconut Crunch-O’s start falling from the sky. The cereal was featured in a fake commercial during episode B.A.N. We also see the alligator from Alligator Man, the now-hatched ostrich egg, and a tree that grows, blooms, and gets chopped down by a chainsaw. Then Darius (LaKeith Stanfield) shows up in an invisible car, that crashes into the piano that fell from the sky. And the Easter eggs keep on coming. Keeping in tandem with the unusual series the teaser gives away nothing, yet there’s a lot to take in.

Season 4 will find Earn, Alfred, Darius, and Van back in their hometown. But the question is, has Atlanta changed or have they? It also marks the final outing of the fan-favorite series that sees the four characters navigating the otherworldly version of the Atlanta rap scene. Series creator Glover previously revealed that he feels “the time is right to end it” after the upcoming season, saying “Death is natural.” He further explained,

I feel like when the conditions are right for something, they happen, and when the conditions aren’t right, they don’t happen. I don’t feel any longevity. Because then things start to get weird. The story was always supposed to be what it was. And the story, it really was us. Everybody in that writers’ room, everybody on set. It really was what we were going through and what we talked about.

Fans had to wait for four years between Atlanta Season 2 and 3. Given, that the latest season premiered in March and ended in May, so the gap between it and the upcoming fourth season will be approximately four months long. Glover revealed the idea behind Season 4 was to simply “have more fun.” He further explained, “Once you go through that cycle, you realize, oh, we did Season 4 like Season 1, which was, act like you’re going to get canceled!”

The series is produced by FX Productions while executive producers include Glover, Stephen Glover, Hiro Murai, Stefani Robinson, Paul Simms, and Dianne McGunigle.

Atlanta Season 4 will drop on Hulu this September, meanwhile, check out the new teaser below:

via Collider

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