‘Living’: Bill Nighy led Acclaimed Remake Sets Christmas Release Date!!

It has been announced that Living, directed by Oliver Hermanus and starring BAFTA and Golden Globe winner Bill Nighy, is set to release just ahead of Christmas on December 23, 2022, in New York and Los Angeles before then expanding to more markets.

Living is a British remake of 1952’s Ikiru directed by acclaimed director Akira Kurosawa (which was also an adaptation of the Russian novel “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” written by Leo Tolstoy in 1886), with the story following most of the familiar beats of its previous incarnations. With a script for the remake penned by Sir Kazuo Ishiguro, Living is set in 1952 tells the story of Mr. Williams, an English bureaucrat portrayed by Nighy, as he faces down his own mortality after he is given a terminal diagnosis of an illness.

It is in the final days of his life that he takes inventory and decides to rebuild the legacy that he is set to leave behind sooner than he expected, deciding to build a playground as his contribution to future generations. In addition to Nighy, the cast of Living also includes Aimee Lou Wood, Tom Burke, Alex Sharp, Adrian Rawlins, Hubert Burton, and Oliver Chris.

The film first made its debut at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival in January of this year, where the film was very well-received. The film currently sits at a staggering 96% on Rotten Tomatoes from 53 critic reviews. The film was also highly praised by Collider‘s own Maggie Lovitt, who gave the film a rating of “A-” in her review, saying that the movie was a “very somber film that requires its audience to look inward and reflect on the legacy they will one day leave behind. It’s beautiful, haunting, and Nighy gives a tremendously moving performance as he grapples with regrets for a life well spent, but not spent well enough.” She also praised Hermanus as well as his Director of Photography Jamie Ramsay on many of their directorial decisions and shot composition.

Living is set to have its theatrical debut on December 23, 2022, in New York and Los Angeles before then expanding to more markets in the future. You can read the official synopsis for the film down below, as well as watch our interview with Nighy.

“Living” is a reimagining of Akira Kurosawa’s 1952 film “Ikiru” — the story of an ordinary man, reduced by years of oppressive office routine to a shadow existence, who at the eleventh hour makes a supreme effort to turn his dull life into something wonderful… into one he can say has been lived to the fullest.


via Collider

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