‘Eugene The Marine’: Nick Nolte to Lead New Psychological Thriller!!

Critically acclaimed actor Nick Nolte (Warrior) now has another film on the way as he is attached to star in an upcoming psychological thriller titled Eugene The Marine, according to an exclusive from Deadline. The film will be produced by Concourse Media.

While little is known about the upcoming psychological thriller, Nolte is set to play the role of the titular character, Gene, who is a recent widower and a former marine. The film will focus on Gene as he attempts to adjust to his unstable life as his son pressures him to sell his home. However, Gene’s life begins to shake up when he meets a mysterious woman as he is unable to distinguish his nightmares with reality. While Nolte is attached to the project as the lead role, no other casting announcements for the film have been made yet.

Production for the film is expected to commence later this fall with Hank Bedford, who previously directed Dixieland, attached to helm the project. The script for Eugene The Marine is co-written by Bedford alongside Cesare Gagliardoni. Stephen Vincent is set to produce the film with Concourse Media‘s Matthew Shreder executive producing the project. More information about the film is expected to be revealed as production begins to gear up later this year.

Receiving acclaim for his performances in past films, Nolte has previously been nominated for three Academy Awards for his roles in The Prince of Tides, Affliction, and most recently, Warrior from 2011 where he starred alongside Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. The actor recently starred in notable projects such as The Mandalorian, where he played the alien Kuiil, and Paradise Lost, a television series where he starred as Judge Forsythe. Nolte also starred in Angel Has Fallen, the third installment of the Has Fallen franchise.

Alongside the eventual release of Eugene the Marine, the actor is also attached to appear in Poker Face, a mystery drama series created by Rian Johnson (Knives Out), which is set to premiere on Peacock later this year. Other projects the actor is attached to star in include Rittenhouse Square, directed by Brandon Eric Kamin, and Blackout, directed by Sam Macaroni.

Due to the film’s early stages in production, no release date for Eugene the Marine has been announced yet.


via Collider

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