‘The Power’: Upcoming Prime Video Series Adds Toni Collette and Josh Charles!!

Back in May, Collider reported that stars of Prime Video‘s thriller series The Power, Leslie Mann and Tim Robbins, were exiting production due to the numerous setbacks of the pandemic. This, after Rainn Wilson also dropped from the cast due to scheduling issues, had the sci-fi series looking at a grim future. Now, only months later, Emmy nominee Toni Collette is tapped for the lead, and Josh Charles is boarding as a recurring character.

The Power is a ten-episode global thriller based on author Naomi Alderman‘s award-winning, New York Times-lauded feminist sci-fi novel of the same name. Taking place in current times, the events of The Power unfold within our world, with one small difference; in a mysterious change of fate, every teenage girl across the globe develops the ability to electrocute people at will. Spanning all over the world, from London to Seattle, and Nigeria to Eastern Europe, this brand-new Power begins to evolve. What starts as a tingling soon turns tables, flipping the balance of power on its head.

Collette will be stepping into Mann‘s previous role as Margot Cleary-Lopez, the mayor of Seattle. Her character is described as a politician who genuinely strives for progression, and is constantly fighting for change. She’s sharp with her words, possesses a quick humor and is passionate about her lofty goals to do something truly good for the world. Simultaneously, Mayor Margot is deeply devoted to her husband Rob (John Leguizamo) and their three children, including their daughter Jos, played by Moana‘s Auli’i Cravalho. After the Power surfaces, Margot’s entire life changes as she’s hurtled into the political spotlight.

Charles will play Dandon, the governor of Washington and an exemplary politician. Skilled at what he does, Dandon’s role is that of the smooth-talking liberal Democrat, a hollow advocate for change, with his eyes on the prize. The governor is all but packed and ready to assume the position as the next Senator from the State of Washington when the Power zaps his life’s plans.

Collette and Charles join Cravalho, Leguizamo, Eddie Marsan (Choose or Die) as Bernie Monke, Edwina Findley (Fear the Walking Dead) as Helen, Ria Zmitrowicz as Roxy Monke, Toheeb Jimoh (Ted Lasso) as Tunde, Zrinka Cvitesic as Tatiana Moskalev, and Ana Ularu as Zoia among others.

The Power is executive produced by Sister‘s Jane Featherstone and Naomi de Pear, as well as by showrunner Raelle Tucker, author Alderman, Claire Wilson and the series director Reed Morano. Sarah Quintrell and Tim Bricknell serve as co-executive producers.

With Collette and Charles now on board, production on The Power can pick up where it left off. No release date has been announced.


via Collider

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