‘Andor’ Gets New Character Posters Highlighting the Key Figures!! Check It Out!!

There were many exciting things shown at D23 this past weekend. On the Star Wars side of the galaxy, the main focus was surrounding the hype of Andor. The prequel series focused on the origins of the Rebellion and Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor received its final trailer at the Disney-centric event ahead of its September 21 premiere on Disney+. Now Lucasfilm has dropped new character posters that highlight some of the most important figures in the galaxy’s legendary revolution.

The three posters feature Luna’s Andor, Stellan Skarsgård’s Luthen Rael, and Genevieve O’Reilly’s Mon Mothma. They’re all against a hazy reddish backdrop the aesthetic of which is similar to the design of one of the series’ main ensemble posters. This fiery color scheme is quite striking and promises a different kind of Star Wars story. These posters feel reminiscent of real-world war propaganda images, which is fitting given the time period and dire setting. When Rogue One was released in 2016, it showed us a different side of the universe we really never experienced before. A more in-depth look at the “War” part of the series title. While the action was incredible, the more memorable part of the film was it implanted the fascinating idea that the Rebellion’s hands weren’t as clean and noble as we thought. At the center of that was Cassian Andor’s moral grayness which Luna played perfectly, and he was one of the highlights of Rogue One.

From the marketing, Andor looks like it’s taking all the political intrigue and darkness that made Rogue One so fascinating and pushing that grittier tone even further into street-level chaos. In war, there are questionable choices that even the best-intentioned people need to make for the greater good. Andor will be exploring that cost while our title “hero” will be teaming up with “allies” like Luthen Rael who knows an uncomfortable amount about Andor’s past. It’s going to be interesting to see where each of the new characters falls in the spoils of war, but this series is also giving us a fresh perspective on preexisting characters like Mon Mothma. O’Reilly has played the character for almost two decades now appearing in Revenge of the Sith, Rogue One, and Star Wars: Rebels. Revisiting this iconic character only adds to this series’ intrigue.

Andor promises to be this anxiously epic 12-episode spy thriller that is unlike anything we’ve seen in the universe before with these new posters only further teasing the dark side of the rebellion. The Star Wars shows on Disney+ have been hit-and-miss so far, but Andor looks to be the bona fide hit the franchise hasn’t seen since The Mandalorian. While we wait for Andor’s three-episode premiere on September 21, you can view the new character posters down below.

andor mon mothma
andor luthen rael
andor cassian andor diego luna

via Collider

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