‘Evil Dead Rise’: Bruce Campbell Shares New Image Teasing the Bloody New Horror!! Check It Out!!

2023 is being set up as another killer year for horror. So many iconic horror franchises returned this year and next year is no different. One of the most notable franchises making a sinister comeback is Evil Dead in the appropriately titled Evil Dead Rise. The highly anticipated film comes out in April and now producer Bruce Campbell has shared a new image teasing that this latest horror story is a family affair.

As a part of Brucefest 2022, Campbell’s image sees Lilly Sullivan’s Beth in front of a group of people horrifyingly staring at what appears to be her sister Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland). Ellie doesn’t seem to be in a good state as the unsettling shot has her very up close and personal with the camera. All you can really make out are her eyes, one of which is completely rolled back in her head. The Deadites seem to have taken full control. Campbell accompanied the frightful image with the message, “For the Deadites who weren’t able to make it to BruceFest this year, I’m very excited to share this shot of the family from Evil Dead Rise. See them come together or be torn apart only in theaters April 21.”

While there’s still a lot we don’t know about Rise’s plot, the main focus will be on two estranged sisters Beth and Ellie who reunite after many years of being apart. Ellie lives in a high-rise apartment building in the heart of Los Angeles which already sets a very different tone for the series than fans are used to with the usual “cabin in the woods” type settings. After a series of unfortunate events, Beth and Ellie find the infamous Necronomicon which soon after takes Ellie’s soul. In the vein of Evil Dead (2013), this film looks to have a heavy emotional hook of family. The image shows the start of Ellie’s transformation and, if it’s anything like past franchise characters such as Mia, her family is in for one blood-soaked nightmare. What makes matters worse is that Ellie has children which means there’s bound to be a lot of trauma in their future with a ton of potential for some unique mind-bending sequences of horror.

Image via Warner Bros.

Evil Dead is the rare franchise that hasn’t had a bad entry. Each of its film installments on top of its successful TV series has never played the same trick twice. One minute it’s a campy horror movie and the next second it’s a gothic slapstick comedy only to then transform into a hard-R scary bloodbath. From the looks of it, Rise will be more in line with the pure horror of Evil Dead (2013). That should please a lot of horror fans given the beloved nature of that film.

While we anxiously wait for a first trailer and to see if this family makes it out alive, you can stream Evil Dead 2013 on Hulu now. Evil Dead Rise releases exclusively in theaters on April 21, 2023.

via Collider

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