‘My Dad the Bounty Hunter’: New Clip Teases the Impressive Visuals of the Upcoming Netflix Series!! Check It Out!!

In order to tease their upcoming sci-fi adventure series My Dad the Bounty Hunter, Netflix shared with Collider a sneak peek into the first episode of the animated series, and we can now show you the action-packed three-minute clip from the premiere episode. The clip showcases the series’ impressive visuals, sets the tone for the show, and reveals what a bounty-hunting mission is really like. The series is set to premiere in early February.

The clip is entirely focused on a mission conducted by Terry (voiced by The BoysLaz Alonso), who is best known outside of Planet Earth by his bounty hunter name: Sabo Brok. He’s tracking a blue alien who doesn’t live a very healthy life, but managed to build a real fortress of doors and locks around him so that no one can get in. This means that Terry will need to get creative in order to capture the water-based life form (you’ll see how that makes a difference) and collect his bounty.

Who Else Is in The Voice Cast of My Dad the Bounty Hunter?

The previous trailer Netflix released back in November revealed the other characters in the series, including Terry’s kids Lisa (Priah Ferguson) and Sean (Jecobi Swain), their mother Tess (Yvonne Orji), spaceship A.I. KRS (Yvette Nicole Brown), Terry’s former bounty partner and alien Glorlox (Rob Riggle), Terry’s boss “The Fixer” (Jim Rash), Terry’s mother (Leslie Uggams), and the mysterious Vax (Jamie Chung).

How Steven Spielberg’s Early Works Influenced My Dad the Bounty Hunter

My Dad the Bounty Hunter is created by Everett Downing and Patrick Harpin. In an official statement, the duo of showrunners revealed that the series is an homage to kids’ adventures like The Goonies and E.T. Harpin explains:

“We talked a lot about those stories, about how there’s movies for kids and then there’s movies about kids. Like ‘E.T.’ and ‘Stand By Me’ — those are about kids, but they’re more than just kid’s movies. They’ve got more substance. We were just talking a lot about what we’d want to see on screen. And since we’re both big sci-fi heads, we felt the genre could do so much more than it was doing right now.”

And by “more” they really mean that. The creators also revealed that on top of being a big, interstellar adventure, My Dad the Bounty Hunter also has a strong focus on the relationship between fathers and children, which is frequently ignored in family stories.

Netflix premieres Season 1 of My Dad the Bounty Hunter on February 9. You can watch the exclusive 3-minute clip below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

MY DAD THE BOUNTY HUNTER is an animated action-comedy series following close-knit siblings Lisa and Sean, who stow away on their dad’s latest work trip, hoping to finally get some quality time together. Little do they know Dad’s been keeping a secret from them — he’s actually the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy! Launched into the surprise space adventure of a lifetime, Lisa and Sean discover that their seemingly average dad’s job is anything but boring. Dodging dangerous aliens, robots, and laser fights galore, family bonding time becomes much more than they bargained for as they try to help their dad in pursuit of his toughest fugitive yet. With his kids along for the ride, Dad must show up for them when they need it most — and they’d better make it home before Mom finds out! From Creators and Executive Producers Everett Downing and Patrick Harpin, MY DAD THE BOUNTY HUNTER is a warp-speed adventure across the constellation of ups, downs and moments in between that shape family life.


via Collider

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