‘Strange World’ Reveals Deleted Scenes!! Check It Out!!

In case you missed it, Disney’s latest animated movie Strange World — the studio’s 61st — made its way to Disney+ and all other major digital platforms just in time for the holidays, and you can enjoy it as early as today. In order to celebrate the streaming platform debut of the movie, Disney decided to release some bonus material so that new fans can appreciate some moments that didn’t make it to the final cut. In their official YouTube account, Disney unveiled three scenes that provide a bigger picture of the story.

The first scene, titled, “Searcher and Ethan,” is introduced by Head of Story Lissa Treiman, and she explains that the scene was removed from the first act so that the pacing of the adventure could move faster. Since the scene is played in storyboard mode, you can tell this was an early chop. It takes place in Ethan’s (voiced by Jaboukie Young-White) room in a moment when he’s angry because his father is trying to convince him that going on an expedition isn’t as fun as it sounds. The conversation ends up veering into a quiet moment in which father and son reflect about Ethan’s grandfather.

Strange World Deleted Scenes Also Reveal Early Artwork

“Funerals and Promises,” is a scene with heightened emotions in which Searcher (Jake Gyllenhaal) attends his father’s funeral, during which a statue of the legendary explorer Jaeger (Dennis Quaid) is unveiled. The flip in tone of the scene happens when Searcher finds Pando, a plant and power source that forever changes life as we know it — and it’s the crop that gets the story going.

Last but not least, “Lightning Lynx” delves into Meridian’s (Gabrielle Union) backstory, and it’s very revealing. The Strange World creative team felt that the limited screentime of the final cut would not give them the room they needed to better dig into the character’s past, so it ended up on the cutting room floor. In the scene, Meridian and Callisto (Lucy Liu) have a conversation about the time when Ethan’s mother was an Air Derby competitor.

You Can Also Own Strange World in a Special Edition

Those scenes – along with other ones – will be featured in the Strange World 4K UHD and Special Edition Steelbook, which gets released early next year. With a stunning cover artwork, the two-disc edition will bring featurettes and a bunch of more extras that show how the movie came to life, as well as reveal some Easter Eggs from the adventure.

Strange World follows a family that embark on an adventure to discover why a miracle crop and energy source suddenly started to die out. In order to do that, they go below the surface of Avalonia an uncover a whole different land with wildly different life forms.

You can stream Strange World on Disney+ now. Check out the deleted scenes below:

via Collider

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