Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler Rumored to Be Teaming Up for Noah Baumbach’s Netflix film!!

Rumor time, I guess, something we try and stay away from when possible, but it’s the dregs of news out there; still technically the holidays for us, and maybe we can make one exception for something that doesn’t sound entirely far-fetched.

According to the New York Post, Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler will star in a new Noah Baumbach film for Netflix.

Yes, it’s the Post as a source which is one strike against it, but to be fair, they were the outlet that recently broke the correct breaking news or DC’sBatgirl” film getting canceled, and yes, this is the same writer.

There are other reasons why this can make lots of sense and can be separate from more common specious rumors. . Baumbach and Sandler have both made Netflix their home for the last few years. Baumbach’s previous three movies were made for Netflix— including “The Meyerowitz Stories” which featured Sandler— and the Sandman basically has an exclusive deal set up at the streamer and makes all his comedies there now (“Murder Mystery 2” comes out this spring).

Additionally, on a recent episode of Happy Sad Confused, Sandler spoke about a few filmmakers he may work with or work with again in the near future, and Baumbach’s name came up.

Pitt has also worked with Netflix before starring in the U.S. military interventionism satire “War Machine” by director David Michod.

Whether the details of this one pan out is unclear, but both Baumbach and Sandler are set to work with Netflix again, and there’s some reason to believe this could be true (a recent Bloomberg story said Baumbach was set to make his next film at the streamer).

The entire Baumbach family is reportedly getting into the Netflix business too. Baumbach’s creative and romantic partner Greta Gerwig apparently has a “Chronicles Of Narnia” reboot/ adaptation set up at Netflix after “Barbie” comes out in the summer of 2023 (that same Bloomberg story mentioned Gerwig and Netflix teaming up too).

As mentioned, Baumbach and Sandler first worked together on 2017’s “The Meyerowitz Stories,” a family dramedy the comedian co-starred in alongside Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Elizabeth Marvel, and more.

If anything, it would be nice to see Pitt work with Baumbach’s milieu and Sandler returns to that more dramatic type of acting with auteurs that he excels at.

Baumbach’s latest film, “White Noise,” just debuted late last month on Netflix.


via The Playlist

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