‘Extrapolations’: First Images Teases Apple’s Upcoming Star-Studded Drama!! Check It Out!!

It’s rare that a TV drama is able to boast about appearances from so many of Hollywood’s elite but Extrapolations can confidently do just that. The powerhouse cast includes the likes of Don’t Look Up actress Meryl Streep, Spider-Man sensation Tobey Maguire, Godfather of Harlem star Forest Whitaker, Zack Snyder’s Justice League actress Diane Lane, Game of Thrones hero Kit Harrington and Black-ish‘s Yara Shahidi – to name just a few. Unsurprisingly, a line-up like that has already garnered mass interest in the show and after many conversations around it a release date of Friday, March 17, 2023 has finally been set. The show is slated to premiere with the first three episodes and then a new episode every week after that until the penultimate weekend in April.

The upcoming Apple TV+ series has brought together some of the finest actors for a story set in the near future where the brutal realities of climate change have been ingrained into everyday life. Helmed by The Report writer Scott Z. Burns and produced by Michael Ellenberg‘s Media Res Studio, Extrapolations features eight interconnected which explore the life-altering choices people are forced to make in the wake of an escalated climate crisis all whilst they navigate love, faith and family. Connected by the shaky future of humanity, everyone is confronted with the same choice about taking action before it’s too late.

Brand new images from the drama spotlight a handful of the various tales set to be told as part of this anthology. For example, Academy-Award-winning Streep is seen embodying the persona of an elderly woman with a book in front of her whilst another image sees Harrington doing a spot of gardening as he stares into the distance looking deeply concerned. Meanwhile, Sienna Miller is spotlighted in another still as a heavily pregnant woman in the depths of the forest as she looks worriedly up at the sky – suggesting some sort of extreme weather is likely on the way. Marion Cotillard appears to be the perfect, glamorous woman cloaked in an elegant floral dress whilst Daveed Diggs seems to be preoccupied with a lightly-flooded building. The diversity in stories, backgrounds, occupations, and lifestyle feels like a very intentional decision and leans into the message that climate change will reach everyone regardless of any of those aspects.

With the world rapidly experiencing the real-time impacts of the climate crisis, through increased flooding, increasingly widespread drought and soaring temperatures Extrapolations is likely to hit home for many. Interestingly, this seems to be very much along the lines of writer, producer and director Burns’ previous work. His former offerings as a writer include the likes of 2011 thriller-drama Contagion, which told the story of a terrifying virus sweeping the globe. Even in such an intense film, which would later go on to become incredibly vivid in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Burns‘ central theme of hope and the idea that human beings have the power to truly bring about change together remains strong throughout. It seems as though Extrapolations could very possibly play to a similar theme with the idea that we can get through the climate fight if we all fight on the same team.

Other stars on the celebrity roster expected to feature in the series include Edward Norton, Gemma Chan, David Schwimmer, Matthew Rhys, Michael Gandolfini and Eiza Gonzalez. The first three episodes of Extrapolations land on Apple TV+ on March 17 2023. You can check out new stills from the show below:

via Collider

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