‘Fast X’: New BTS Image Teases Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty Ortiz!! Check It Out!!

After more than 20 years since the first installment, Fast & Furious has come a long way from its street racing roots, delving into different themes, including “family,” which has been hugely associated with Vin Diesel over the years. While the franchise has continued to deliver an emotional and delightful joyride over the past nine films, every race has to cross the finish line. With Fast X serving as the last chapter in the series, Diesel has teased a first look at Michelle Rodriguez‘s Letty Ortiz.

As Fast X comes closer, Diesel, through his Instagram account, shared a new set photo of Rodriguez’s return to the franchise, holding a bowl of food in her hand while looking happy. The actor did not reveal anything about what the last chapter will bring to the table, but his caption suggests that he’s still doing it with his “family.” He said: “Happy creative Sunday… Doing what you love is a blessing… doing it with the people you love… that’s everything.”

Letty has been an important character in the franchise, portraying Dom’s wife, played by Diesel himself. While there is no official plot for the upcoming film yet, Rodriguez will surely play another crucial role in the series. The franchise has been a huge success since its inception in 2001, generating $6.6 billion in revenue. Its seventh installment, Furious 7, also took tenth place on the list of highest-grossing films of all time. Fast X may be the franchise’s final chapter, but it won’t be completed in a single film and will be divided into two parts. Diesel will reprise his role as Dominic Toretto in Fast X, with Louis Leterrier at the helm.

While fans were taken aback when longtime director Justin Lin abruptly left the family, Letty herself has nothing but positive things to say about Leterrier in the director’s chair. In a previous interview with THR, Rodriguez said that the director’s energy radiates love.

“He came with all this energy of love. We haven’t had that in Fast and Furious for a very long time where we get somebody excited who’s a real fan and who really wants to take it places that it hasn’t gone before. We’ve been at it for 20 years, bro. After all that time, you get jaded and kind of forget what you do it for [until] a director like Louis comes in and reminds you, ‘This is beautiful. Let’s go make magic.’ We’re so lucky to have him bro.”

Along with Diesel and Rodriguez, the franchise’s tenth installment will also see the return of the principal cast, including Tyrese Gibson as Roman, Ludacris as Tej, and Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto. The rest of the cast includes Charlize Theron, Brie Larson, Scott Eastwood, Cardi B, and Jason Momoa, who is having the time of his life playing the franchise’s latest villain.

Fast X is scheduled to hit theaters on May 19, 2023. While we still have more than three months until the last chapter, you can check out Diesel‘s Instagram post below.

via Collider

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