‘Black Snow’ Trailer Sees Travis Fimmel Solving a Gruesome Cold Case!! Check It Out!!

Sundance Now and AMC+ released today the first trailer for Black Snow, an upcoming mystery series starring Travis Fimmel (Vikings, Raised by Wolves). In Black Snow, Fimmel plays the cold-case detective James Cormack, who’s in charge of solving the gruesome murder of a teenager.

The new trailer introduces us to James, a methodic and attentive detective specializing in cold cases. In Black Snow, James is tasked with solving the murder of Isabel Barker (newcomer Talijah Blackman-Corowa). The girl’s death shocked her Australian South Sea Islander community in 1994, but no one was ever able to crack the case. Twenty-five years later, James is determined to give Isabel’s family and friends some closure, which means he must gather all information he can to find out who the girl was when she was alive.

James’ task is made more manageable once a time capsule Isabel helped to build in high school gets opened, revealing letters and other documents left behind by the girl. As the trailer tells us, the series will jump from present to past as James digs into the clues Isabel left behind. So, we’ll follow his investigation while also watching flashbacks that paint a vivid picture of how Isabel was targeted in a passionate crime. It’s an intriguing concept, and Fimmel is the perfect lead to carry over the series.

When and Where Will Black Snow Be Available?

Black Snow features newcomers Jemmason Power, Molly Fatnowna, and Eden Cassady, alongside Brooke Satchwell (Poker Face), Alexander England (C*A*U*G*H*T), Erik Thomson (C*A*U*G*H*T), Kym Gyngell (No Activity), Rob Carlton (Bali 2002), Jimi Bani (Mabo), Daniela Farinacci (Total Control) and Lucy Bell (The Secrets She Keeps). The series also marks the screen debut of Australian music sensation Ziggy Ramo.

Black Snow was created by Lucas Taylor (Harrow), who writes alongside Boyd Quakawoot (Black Comedy) and Beatrix Christian (Jindabyne). The series is directed by Sian Davies (The Gloaming) and Matthew Saville (Please Like Me) and shot by Murray Lui (Top End Wedding).

Black Snow debuts with a two-episode premiere on Thursday, February 23, on Sundance Now and AMC+. After that, new episodes of the series will roll out weekly on Thursdays. Check out the new trailer and the series’ synopsis below.

Part coming-of-age drama and part whodunit, Black Snow follows the mystery of a small-town murder that rocked the Australian South Sea Islander community. In 1994, seventeen-year-old Isabel Baker was murdered. The crime shocked her tight-knit community and left the town devastated. The case was never solved, the killer never found. In 2020, the opening of a time capsule unearths a secret that puts cold-case detective James Cormack (Fimmel) on the trail of the killer.


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