‘Tehran’ Season 3 Adds Hugh Laurie!!

Apple TV+ has announced the hit Israeli espionage thriller Tehran will be back for a third season with huge backups, as Hugh Laurie was added to the cast. The series stars Niv Sultan as an agent of Mossad, Israel’s secret police.

Tehran tells the story of Tamar (Sultan), a Mossad agent tasked with infiltrating a nuclear facility in the titular city, the capital of Iran. Since Tamar was born in Iran, the Mossad thinks she’s the right woman for the job and sends her beyond enemy lines disguised as Zhila, a Muslim who works for an electric company. It doesn’t take long for Tamar’s disguise to be uncovered, and she’s forced to mingle in Iran while looking for a way back home. However, in the process, Tamar reconnects with her Iranian heritage, which only makes the spy game more dangerous to her.

Over two seasons, Tamar got involved with many dangerous people, doing her best to fulfill her duties as a Mossad spy while feeling conflicted about her double identity. Tehran has also become a fan-favorite due to its thrilling action set pieces, which elevate the production value of the Israeli series. For Season 2, Tehran even brought Emmy Award winner and Academy Award nominee Glenn Close as a Mossad agent, making the series even more popular. So, it’s no wonder Apple TV+ ordered a third season of the show, with another beloved star joining the ranks.

Where Do You Know Hugh Laurie From?

Laurie‘s most iconic role is unquestionably Dr. Gregory House in the Fox medical drama House, M.D. The part of the grumpy genius granted Laurie two Golden Globes and seven Emmy nominations, among other awards. Thanks to Dr. House, Laurie even got a Guinness Book of Records recognition as the most-watched man on television back in 2011. Laurie got his third Golden Globe for the miniseries The Night Manager, and two more Emmy nominations. His tenth Emmy nomination came thanks to HBO’s Veep, where he played the part of Senator Tom James. Laurie was also part of beloved movies such as 1996’s 101 Dalmatians, The Man in the Iron Mask, and Stuart Little. In short, Laurie has the talent to spare, and will be a great addition to Tehran’s Season 3 cast.

Laurie was cast in Tehran for the role of Eric Peterson, a South African nuclear inspector. We still don’t know where the story will take us next, but Season 3 will also see the return of Sultan, Shaun Toub, and Shila Ommi, with new additions including Sasson Gabai, Bahar Pars, and Phoenix Raei.

The first two seasons of Tehran are available on Apple TV+. Season 3 is currently in production.


via Collider

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