First Oscars Trailer Sees Jimmy Kimmel Spoof ‘Top Gun: Maverick’!! Check It Out!!

It’s time to gear up for Oscar Season, and the newest trailer for the 95th annual Academy Awards shows this year’s host Jimmy Kimmel being whipped into shape Top Gun style by the film’s stars Jon Hamm and Charles Parnell. Can Kimmel possibly live up to the expectations of such a task? And what does nine-time host Billy Crystal have to say on the matter? Well, this new trailer has the answer. The 95th Annual Academy Awards will air on Sunday, March 12, 2023, on ABC.

The four-minute trailer starts with Kimmel walking into the Academy’s headquarters. He passes a hallway featuring some of the most beloved Oscars hosts throughout history, including Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Rock, Steve Martin, and Ellen DeGeneres. He then turns to see a picture of the ultimate Oscars host, Billy “Marvelous” Crystal. Can he possibly live up to the hosting legend? Certainly, Kimmel is no slouch, having hosted the event twice before, but it seems the leadership at the Academy has some, well, reservations.

The trailer cuts to a scene straight out of Top Gun: Maverick, one of 2022’s most popular films, and one of the most nominated films at the upcoming Academy Awards. Parnell‘s Rear Admiral Bates and Hamm‘s Vice Admiral Beau Cyclone Simpson, sit at a long table in a near-empty room, when Hamm calls Kimmel up to the table. “I have to admit I wasn’t expecting to be asked to host again,” Kimmel says, admitting his own shock at being asked back for hosting duties. Hamm, as “Cyclone” Simpson agrees with Kimmel‘s own incredulity, stating that Kimmel was not his first (or second or third) pick. In fact, Simpson and Bates had a whole list of ‘Steves’ who they would have preferred to host. But, alas, it all falls on Kimmel.

Billy Crystal Saves The Day

The two officers ask Kimmel to demonstrate his plans for such an enormous hosting gig. And Kimmel gives, well, a weak audition, featuring a half-baked song and dance number and sideways reference to last year’s slapping incident. The officers, unfortunately, are not impressed. But luckily for Kimmel, he has a legend in his corner. Just as all hope seems to be lost, Billy Crystal appears, in a white uniform, interceding on Kimmel‘s behalf. “I think he can do it,” Crystal says, walking into the room. Kimmel is awestruck. The two officers beg Crystal to host, but he demurs, saying that he has a dentist appointment (on a Sunday night). He assures Kimmel that he has the right stuff and, anyway, Kimmel has to host, given his Crypto losses.

The new trailer is a loving tribute to both Top Gun: Maverick and the duty of hosting the Oscars which, in recent years, has been a duty fraught with controversy. You can watch the new trailer below. The 95th annual Academy Awards will air on ABC on Sunday, March 12, 2023, at 8:00 PM EDT.

via Collider

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