‘The Last of Us’ Episode 7 Trailer Teases the Introduction of Storm Reid’s Riley!! Check It Out!!

With each episode, The Last of Us has presented us with gut-wrenching conflicts and great character studies. The show has elevated the IP with its slow-burning plot and fleshed-out themes that were not possible with the games. While we were given a glimpse of Joel’s past in the first episode itself to mark the turn for his character in the post-apocalyptical setting, Ellie’s past has been a mystery up until now with only a few hints given here and there. The new Episode 7 trailer promises to finally showcase her side of the story.

We see Ellie getting bullied in the FEDRA’s camp for children in absence of her friend Riley. We also see her getting in trouble as a FEDRA officer asks her to “follow the rules and become an officer.” The clip gives us a peak into Ellie’s optimism as she tries to convince Riley to come back as they can be the “future” together. The seventh episode will also revisit an important location from the games as we see both of them in the mall. While we might feel confident about knowing how this event will unfold, given the show’s penchant to twist events, we are aware anything is possible as we see Riley and Ellie come face to face with a clicker.

In Episode 6 titled ‘Kin,’ we see a high point in Joel’s story as he finally finds his brother Tommy in Jackson, Wyoming. The settlement there gives some semblance of normal life that both Joel and Ellie aren’t accustomed to, anymore. The episode also shines a light on how they both now depend more on each other as Ellie sees a parental figure in Joel, and he is increasingly worried that he won’t be able to protect her just like Sarah. The episode began with a small time jump to establish a change of seasons and establish Joel and Ellie’s deepening relationship as we see another memorable scene from the games translated to screen as the two argue about who’ll Ellie continue her journey with. The upcoming episode will also test Ellie’s survival skills as Joel was hurt after their visit to the University of Eastern Colorado.

Who Stars In ‘The Last of Us’?

The cast of The Last of Us includes Pedro Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey as Ellie, Storm Reid as Riley, Gabriel Luna as Tommy, Rutina Wesley as Maria, Merle Dandridge as Marlene and more. The new episode drops on February 26, you can check out the preview below:

via Collider

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