‘Unseen’ Trailer Teases a Murder Mystery with a Cleaner at the Center!! Check It Out!!

Many times, the wealthy and comfortable ignore and disregard the presence of those who come around the house to help with the menial chores within the home. The gardener, the cook, and of course, the cleaner. With that thought in mind, Netflix is set to release an upcoming South African crime series titled Unseen which would make all those with such a mindset have a proper rethink on the issue. Beware of the Unseen “invisible” women.

The newly released teaser clip offers an overarching foreboding tone. The visuals begin within an interrogation room, sitting across a pair of detectives and flanked by two other officers, a simply dressed woman is questioned. “We’re talking about violent killings,” one of the detectives says. “Murder ma’am.” The case at hand is gruesome, there have been a series of violent killings that has left a trail of bodies and bloodshed across the city. The trial has led to this simple woman, whom the sleuths believe to be at the center of the killings. “Who are you?” one of the sleuths asks. To this, the lady answers simply, “I am just the cleaner.”

Despite her attempt at exonerating herself, and her physical looks seemingly supporting the idea that she is not involved in these gruesome events, no one can be trusted. Uncertainty and tension abound throughout the trailer; however, the sleuths might not be so far off with their assertions. “You’re the invisible woman,” a man says to the lady. “Nobody sees you, nobody cares about you.” This statement alludes to the fact that while she might be innocent – though the bloody hands beg to differ – her ability to be “invisible” might have her well-placed to offer up information on who is guilty. However, the cards on the table all point to the cleaner and her partner. “What the hell are you mixed up in?” is a proper question.

Leading the upcoming suspenseful South African series is the actress, Gail Mabalane. Mabalane has acting credits that include The Wild, The Road with one of her more prominent roles coming in another Netflix show, Blood & Water. In the teen drama series that had a scandal of a child trafficking ring at the center of its plot, Mabalane portrays the mother of a missing child and her relentless sister Puleng Khumalo (Ama Qamata), who is determined to find her no matter the cost.

Unseen is created by Travis Taute and Daryne Joshua. The series cast also includes Brendon Daniels and Hein De Vries alongside the aforementioned Mabalane.

Unseen premieres on Netflix on March 29. Watch the teaser below:

via Collider

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