‘Infinity Pool: Uncut’ Is Now Available to Rent from Neon!!

While all the attention in the horror genre this week is being given to Scream VI, one of the best horror films of 2023 so far has been Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool. The body horror film starring Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård was released in theaters this past January to endless critical praise and dropped on digital in mid-February. However, just when you thought this horror nightmare couldn’t mess you up anymore, Neon has decided to make Infinity Pool: Uncut available to rent.

What’s In Infinity Pool: Uncut?

If you were wondering what could possibly be in an “uncut” version of a film filled to the brim with disturbing imagery, blood, and sex, you’re not alone. If your answer was more sexual imagery, you would be correct. While Infinity Pool pushes the R-rating to its absolute limits, the film infamously almost got the dreaded NC-17 rating mainly due to its very graphic orgy scene. Cronenberg himself has talked about how he had to cut certain frames from that particular scene to secure an R-rating. Oddly no one had a problem with the gruesome depictions of violence in the film. The orgy scene and various creepy moments of unapologetic nudity are still very much in the original film, but now you’ll get to be traumatized all over again with the uncut version.

What’s Infinity Pool About?

Infinity Pool follows a struggling writer named James (Skarsgård) and his fiancée Em (Cleopatra Coleman) on an Island vacation that goes horribly wrong when they meet one of James’ “fans,” Gabi (Goth). The pair is then introduced to Gabi’s eccentric friends and, after an evening of drinking, James gets into a car crash where he accidentally kills someone. The only punishment for crime on the island is death unless you make a clone of yourself to take your place. However, what James sees as the only solution quickly becomes his worst nightmare as Gabi and her friends aren’t who they portray themselves to be.

Even if you’re a veteran of the horror genre, after watching Infinity Pool, you’re sure to leave with a bunch of mental scars. Cronenberg takes everything disturbing he accomplished in his underrated horror gem Possessor and cranks it to its most endlessly dreadful potential. The imagery found here will keep you up at night, the body horror is extremely blood soaked, the sexually charged nature of the story peels back your skin, and the themes are masterfully thick. What Infinity Pool says about lost identity and the broken class system in the world is jaw-dropping. Then there’s Goth’s brilliant villainous performance. To say Goth gives the performance of her career would be an understatement. Gabi’s one of the most fascinating genre villains in recent memory and once you get to the bus scene you’re going to need therapy.

Where Can You Rent Infinity Pool: Uncut?

Infinity Pool: Uncut is available now to rent for $9.99 directly on Neon’s website. Just remember, you definitely don’t want to watch this film with your parents and if you want to keep your best friend or significant other, it’s hilariously best to watch this alone.


via Collider

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