‘Citadel’: New Clip Sees Richard Madden Reminding Priyanka Chopra Jonas of Her Past!! Check It Out!!

During a SXSW keynote speech on the future of women in Hollywood led by Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Prime Video dropped a new clip from its massive new spy series Citadel. Both comedic and tense, it shows Richard Madden‘s Agent Kane trying his best to remind Chopra Jonas‘s Agent Sinh of her past as a member of the titular spy organization. His attempts at jogging her memory go hilariously wrong and nearly ended with the two agents fighting each other.

The clip shows Kane approaching Sinh at her new workplace. Citadel revolves around the two as they aim to regain their memories and reform Citadel with their old colleague Bernard Orlick (Stanley Tucci) in order to resist the powerful syndicate Manticore’s attempts at establishing a new world order. Both agents were nearly killed with the destruction of Citadel and initially led different lives until Orlick confronted Kane and convinced him of the truth. Kane is trying to do the same for Sinh, but she’s quick to write him off as some lunatic who broke in with bad intentions for her. Kane doesn’t help his situation when he tries throwing a knife at Sinh to see if her elite agent instincts will kick in. Instead, it just frightens her even more, and she grabs a knife of her own to defend herself. Rather than backing away and trying to de-escalate, Kane rushes in and scans her face with the briefcase, revealing to her that she is Nadia Sinh and her life is about to change forever.

In addition to the main trio of Chopra Jonas, Madden, and Tucci, Citadel features an all-star cast for its globe-trotting adventure. Lesley Manville will star as the cunning British Ambassador to the U.S. Dahlia Archer alongside Osy Ikhile as Carter Spence, Ashleigh Cummings as Abby Conroy, Roland Møller as Anders Silje and Davik Silje, and Caoilinn Springall as Hendrix Conroy.

Citadel Aims to Be Prime Video’s Next Big Franchise

Citadel may be Prime Video‘s most ambitious project to date. Produced by the Russo Bros. AGBO with both Anthony and Joe Russo as executive producers and David Weil as the showrunner, it’s set to be the base for a much larger franchise featuring global branches that are locally created, produced, and filmed on location. Currently, there are Citadel series set in Italy and India with Matilda De Angelis, Varun Dhawan, and Samantha Ruth Prabhu among those starring. The Russos previously discussed how eager they were to take on the challenge coming out of the MCU, proposing a slew of shows that could interweave throughout their runs and create a living, breathing television world.

Jonas personally was drawn to the series for what she described as a “duality” between realities, something that’s teased in the clip as her old life as a spy comes crashing into her current identity. She explained:

This show has so many layers and complexities. There’s a word that we used, right from the beginning, which was duality, for every character. Don’t believe what you see. Everything is just conceptually crazy. It’s just so exciting to be able to share it with the world. It’s been a long time in the making because it’s so ambitious. I’m very excited about it.

Citadel welcomes viewers into its world of espionage with two episodes on April 28 with a new episode coming weekly through May 26. Check out the new clip below.

via Collider

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