‘The End’: Moses Ingram and Michael Shannon Join Joshua Oppenheimer’s Golden-Age Musical!!

The cast of Joshua Oppenheimer‘s upcoming musical spectacular, The End, just added a couple of major stars to its cast, as Moses Ingram and Michael Shannon have officially joined the project. The plot of the movie is currently being kept under wraps, but the premise deals with the last human family left on the planet, turning to a post-apocalyptic that includes its fair share of musical numbers. The End is currently in production in Ireland, before the team heads over to Italy and Germany for the rest of the filming schedule. The future of humanity will be on the line, when this family resolves their issues before time runs out.

Ingram and Shannon are joining what is already a stacked cast, which includes names such as Tilda SwintonTim McInnerny and Lenny James. With most of the actors involved with the project being featured in major titles throughout the course of their careers, The End has become a priority for NEON, who is financing the international co-production. Filming for the musical is expected to wrap this summer, while a release date hasn’t been set by the distributor yet. Regardless of when the movie hits the big screen, its premise, songs and cast should be enough to gather attention from audiences.

The End the next hit in Joshua Oppenheimer‘s filmography, after the director’s last projects received Academy Award nominations. The Act of Killing was a documentary about a tragedy that struck India during the 1960s. The profound, analytic look at an atrocious genocide was very well received among critics, earning up a total of forty awards from multiple organizations. Oppenheimer telling the story of the last human family on Earth in the style of a Golden Age musical is not a conventional pitch, but the filmmaker is ready to share the concept with the world.

Moses Ingram’s Breakout Role

Before Ingram could test her singing and dancing skills for the end, she was busy wielding a lightsaber. One of the actress’ most prominent roles turned out to be The Third Sister, in the limited Star Wars focused on Obi-Wan Kenobi. As an Inquisitor, Reva was in charge of hunting the Jedi played by Ewan McGregor in order to prove her worth to the Empire. The character would soon learn that the Emperor’s Army values power over anyone, and Darth Vader (Hayden Christensen) always thought of her as disposable. Nevertheless, Ingram‘s performance received praise, consolidating the Third Sister as one of the most compelling characters from the television series set in the galaxy far, far away.


via Collider

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