‘Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant’ Featurette Delves Into the Bond Between the Two Leads!! Check It Out!!

Known for bringing the heat in several high-octane films like The Gentleman and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.Guy Ritchie knew what he was doing when he tapped Jake Gyllenhaal for his upcoming feature, Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant. With a critically acclaimed background in dramas and action films, not to mention his celebrated role in Sam Mendes’ Gulf War-based film, Jarhead, Gyllenhaal was just the man for the job to bring Ritchie’s latest explosive and heartfelt feature to life. In a new featurette, Gyllenhaal, Ritchie, and co-leading man, Dar Salim, sit down to share what sets The Covenant apart from other war movies and how it captures the bond between two men who need each other to survive.

The clip opens by breaking down the plot of the movie – interpreter Ahmed (Salim), whose son was murdered by the Taliban, simply needs the money when he signs up to join Sergeant John Kinley (Gyllenhaal) on a mission that goes into enemy territory. Breaking down the premise of the storyline, Gyllenhaal explains that it’s a reflection of how we react “when someone saves our life.” As we’ve seen in the film’s trailer, the duo’s treacherous trek across the desert will be the primary location for the title’s first act. Salim, who audiences may recognize from projects including Exodus: God and Kings and Game of Thrones, explains that “the beauty” of the film is that these men have been dropped into extreme circumstances with both of their survival hinging on the other. Explosions and gun battles rock the main characters to their breaking points as Gyllenhaal promises audiences that “in the end, you will be moved.”

What is Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant about?

As both the leading men and the film’s director explained, the heart of the feature is a story about the lengths that two people will go to to keep one another safe and the bonds that tie us together. The film begins during the War in Afghanistan when Ahmed is hired to be an interpreter for sergeant Kinley and his team. When the platoon is ambushed by the Taliban, Kinley is on the verge of being captured before Ahmed quickly swoops in to save his life. The duo has a long and dangerous journey through the desert to safety, but Ahmed is able to ensure that Kinley makes it back to the United States. His time back home is cut short after discovering that Ahmed, who is seeking revenge on the Taliban for murdering his son, is being tracked by the terrorist organization. Springing to help and hoping to pay him back for saving his life, Kinley rushes to Afghanistan to help his friend.

While the film primarily centers around Gyllenhaal and Salim, it also features a lineup that includes The Boys actor Antony StarrAlexander Ludwig (The Hunger Games), Jason Wong (Strangers), Emily Beecham (Hail, Caesar!), and Johnny Lee Miller (Trainspotting). In addition to directing, Ritchie also co-penned the feature with Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies. Ritchie and Atkinson produce alongside John Friedberg and Josh Berger.

Check out the featurette below and get yourself a front-row seat to the action when Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant arrives in theaters on April 21.

via Collider

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