‘Evil Dead Rise’: New Clip Unleashes the Book of the Dead Again!! Check It Out!!!

Cineworld has unwrapped the Necronomicon for all to see ahead of the release of Lee Cronin‘s much-anticipated gore fest Evil Dead Rise. The theater chain released an exclusive new clip for the horror film on Twitter that serves as a grandiose introduction to this installment’s Book of the Dead. Covered in bugs and tucked away in a dark crevice where no one should dare to look, it’s once again primed to unleash evil upon the world.

The clip starts off with Danny (Morgan Davies) walking into a dark room filled with hanging crucifixes and medallions over the resting place of the Necronomicon. A small glimpse of the room was teased in the trailer, but this clip gives a better look at the haunting setting that definitely houses evil. As Danny investigates, he hears a creaking underneath the altar and reaches down to pull out a familiar object wrapped in cloth. As if warning that the book should not be unleashed under any circumstances, something moves within the encasement, and when Danny unwraps it, a swarm of horrifying bugs blasts him on the way out. Once the creatures flee, he turns back and sees the book with its cover of human skin all while an ominous tone plays to indicate the grave mistake he just made.

In the larger Evil Dead timeline, Evil Dead Rise‘s Necronomicon is the third of the three books mentioned all the way back inArmy of Darkness, explaining how Sam Raimi‘s original films loop back to both Fede Álvarez‘s 2013 reimagining and Cronin‘s new take on the franchise. Bruce Campbell himself highlighted the three books as the franchise linchpin in a previous interview with Collider, adding how there’s always the question of “where is the book now?” with each installment. In this case, it ends up with an unfortunate family in a cramped L.A. high-rise.

Evil Dead Rise Looks to Be One Groovy Time for Fans

With so much love and care toward Raimi‘s legacy, Evil Dead Rise is shaping up to be one of 2023’s best horror releases. Early reactions have thus far been overwhelmingly positive with high praise for Cronin and the film’s leads Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan for heading the gory, wild ride. Among the other cast members for Cronin‘s revamp of the franchise is Gabrielle Echols, Nell Fisher, Richard Crouchley, Mirabai Pease, Anna-Maree Thomas, Jayden Daniels, Billy Reynolds-McCarthy, and Tai Wano.

Evil Dead Rise is a far cry from the charming love story the April Fool’s Day teaser would have viewers believe. Instead, it tells the story of estranged sisters Ellie (Sutherland) and Beth (Sullivan) who finally reunite after years of being apart. Their family get-together takes an abrupt turn for the terrifying as the Necronomicon comes into play and Ellie becomes possessed as the Deadites take over the high-rise. Forced to survive in the cramped spaces of the apartment building, Beth will need to use everything at her disposal to take on the encroaching undead threat. To make matters worse, the now-demonic Ellie will try to use the lure of motherly love to get to her children, further complicating the challenge of keeping everyone alive.

Evil Dead Rise possesses theaters on April 21. Check out the new clip from Cineworld below.

via Collider

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